<<What is the best family tree>>

#1Donny_MPosted 7/8/2009 6:37:52 AM
I wanted to know what was the best family tree in the godfather 2 because i want to have a strong family when playing online. I want to know the names of the made men and there location, aswel as what rank who should have and what is the most effective weapon your family can use.(p.s i want my family to have an expert gun license)
#2xextremexPosted 8/6/2009 9:08:53 PM
Here's my family, and I really enjoyed having them on my side.

Bill Bardi - Underboss. Recruited him early, Promoted him to Capo so that he had the Demolitions and Arsonist skills. Promoted him again to Underboss and made him a Medic.

Leo Rossi - Capo. The first guy I recruited because he was a Medic with an Advanced license. He was always good, so I kept him the whole time. Promoted him to Capo and made him a Safecracker too.

Leon Pazzi - Capo. Got him very late. I hadn't had a Bruiser for the longest time and I kept running into problems because of that. Finally, I chose him. He has an Expert license. Promoted him to Capo and gave him the Demolitions skill.

Lewis Calvacanti - Soldier. Late recruit. He's only an Engineer. But I think he has really nice eyes....

Jimmy Lira - Soldier. Never promoted him. Didn't need to. I like having a few options for different skills.

Ray Ricci - Soldier. He's an Expert with the Demolitions and Engineer skills. I killed Leroy because I didn't need his skills - the other guys had them. Chose Ray because of the Demolitions.

Bernard Uzzano - Soldier. My last recruit. I wanted the perfect guy. And I needed a second Bruiser.

All were very good. I had Leo on my crew a lot. My Underboss Bill was my main guy because of his Demolitions skill - I used it a lot.

I recommend them all. Bill talked a lot, but he was cool. None of them were annoying. I had marked for death and killed three made men total.

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#3BulletTime08Posted 8/19/2009 11:18:48 AM
i like:
Alvin Uzzano as my under boss because he is demolitions, safe cracker, engineer, and medic
Bernard Uzzano as Capo and he is Arsonist, Medic and Bruiser.

I have all the possible skills there.
any other people are just filler. Leroy Petriboni is my other Capo (safe cracker, engineer and medic).
#4mu695Posted 9/1/2009 3:46:35 AM
you should promote jimmy lira to under-boss so he can have all abilities
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