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7 years ago#1

All of the Lone Wolf Recruits have 2 specialties with the exception of Bill Bardi, due to obvious reasons. Jimmy Lira will not be included in this list because he is not technically a "lone wolf" (he starts at the compound, and later is in your NY Safehouse; not exactly "lone").

The following information is provided by LoneWolfMag (http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=948959&topic=48960421) with additional information by me. I will update this as I recruit new Lone Wolves.

Alvin Uzzano - Safecracker/Medic (Northeast of Richie's Tavern, New York)

Ray Fogliano - Arsonist/Demolitions (On top of building across from Corman's Drive-In, Florida)

~unknown74's description: Stand outside the "gateway" to the drive-in theatre, facing the streets. There are four buildings: two to the left, two to the right. Walk to the Back-Left building. In the back of the building is a ladder and stairs. Climb the ladder and then ascend the stairs. Walk straight ahead and go left. ray Fogliano can be seen cooking up some Molotovs. You should unlock Cuba first.

Bernard Uzzano - Bruiser/Medic (Goldenrest Cemetery, Florida)

Leroy Petriboni - Safecracker/Engineer (Las Palmas, Florida)

Ray Ricci - Demolitions/Engineer (Between casino and capitol, Cuba)

~unknown74's description: Got to Casino Imperial. On the North-East side of the building is a small courtyard. Ray Ricci can be found in this courtyard. I don't have details on his exact location or what he is doing; the officers in the area were punching my car trying to pick a fight, when all of a sudden a man starts fighting them. To my surprise it was noone from my crew; they were still in the car with me. So I got out and helped the man. Then I noticed his two specialties and recruited him.

Roy Mancini - Bruiser/Engineer (Corazon de Oro, Cuba)

Jimmy Lira - Arsonist/Medic/Safecracker/Engineer (Location not known yet, DLC Only)

7 years ago#2
Leroy is near Jersey's Sports bar and not Las Palmas. Mancini is in the Cuba airport runway area near a plane.
7 years ago#3

Jmaneuv011 posted...
Leroy is near Jersey's Sports bar and not Las Palmas. Mancini is in the Cuba airport runway area near a plane.

WORD! Don't go by what the offical guide states. The above answer by Jmaneuv011is the correct one.

7 years ago#4

Just to get thing straight. Alvin is found, by walking out of the bar, turn right and walk to the corner of the street, then look across the streetyou will note a couple of tables with umbrellas, you will find him in the corner there.

There are 4 buildings across from thedrive in. Ray is found in the rearright building as your facing them from the drive in.

7 years ago#5
Does anyone other than Leroy have that increased health thing? Cuz I just started a new game (for the 3rd time) and somebody like that could help move things along.
7 years ago#6
For some reason any guy with an extra specialty has a whole extra life meter per specialty. It makes perfect sense that having the ability to burn something or cut a fence means you can take more bullets before you die...
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