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7 years ago#1
Alvin Uzzano
Northeast of Richie's Tavern, New York
He is a Safecracker/Medic with an Advanced Gun License

Bernard Uzzano
Inside or near the large crypt closest to the north of the hangout of Almeida capo

Jaime Fesser
Goldenrest Cemetery, Florida
He is a Bruiser/Medic with an Advanced Gun License

Jimmy Lira
Corleone Compound (requires bonus downloadable content)
He is an Arsonist/Medic/Safecracker/Engineer

Leroy Petriboni
Las Palmas, Florida
At the "Jersey's Sports Bar", gambling crime ring on the southernmost island. Approach the building from the east to find a door to a small room. He can be found wandering inside and just outside of that room
He is a Safecracker/Engineer with Expert Gun License

Ray Fogliano
On top of building across from Corman's Drive-In, Florida. He is on the rooftop nearest to the Corrupt Official Joey Katz
He is an Arsonist/Demolitions

Ray Ricci
In the square between Casino Imperial and capitol in Cuba
He is a Demolitions/Engineer with an Expert Gun License

Roy Mancini
At the airport in Corazon de Oro, Cuba, next to the second plane, behind the Battaglia Cement Factory
He is a Bruiser/Engineer with a Expert Gun License.
7 years ago#2
This video will probably help a little more...

7 years ago#3
Wait a minute...where are the mistakes!? You can't make a dual specialty crew location thread without a lot of errors!
7 years ago#4
Stupid me, there is a mistake on there! Fesser is a made man (with the Granados I think), although he's located in the Cemetery also.
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