Looking for a Job in Erepublik?

#1JAH2488Posted 7/8/2008 9:54:30 PM
For everyone looking for a job under GameFAQS ownership, or just a great place to work. Let me know

Right now i'm hiring for my Q1 Hospital company, so no matter what ur skill is, u can work for us :D

good wages, happy knowledgeable staff, and ur helping our country by building hospitals
#2brodi3Posted 7/8/2008 11:32:08 PM
Is there a Q4 hospital company in the USA? Maybe some of us could invest in the company...
#3JP212121Posted 7/9/2008 9:12:24 AM
Too bad I live in eCanada. I need a new job.

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#4InfernoSDPosted 7/9/2008 11:00:31 AM
I run the Q2 and Q4 Hospital Companies in the USA, but there's really nothing to invest into right now. My last investment was just getting this Q1 going so now I can keep a steady line of employment moving up.

Once V1 comes out, Q5 will be made available, and that upgrade may cost as much as 200 GOLD. Then I'll be upgrading the Q2 to Q3 for another 50. If you really want to invest, wait until then. -_-;
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#5Shugo841Posted 7/9/2008 3:25:05 PM
Too bad I live in eCanada. I need a new job.

Lots of jobs in eCanada. What's your skill levels? I could probably point you to a good company.
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#6JP212121Posted 7/9/2008 6:18:32 PM
I actually picked up a job right after I posted that. :D I'm working for the Royal Canadian Air Force now. The only downside is I have to start at skill one again, since I didn't see any Q1 housing companies.

Anyways, sorry for derailing the topic.

GT: The Jimmer21
#7_Emerick_Posted 7/10/2008 12:59:01 AM
We haven't even started derailing this topic yet ;D