My personal review of a below-average game

#1VampireshadowmaPosted 6/24/2008 9:07:46 PM
******PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS GAME!*************

- The gameplay is way too simple (just two buttons the d-pad and 2)
- AI doesn't seem to be that interested in killing you.
- Soundtrack is just plain BAD!
(For some stange reason I feel like playing REZ. Man talk about a great shooter which combined gameplay with music)
- Same boring level over and over again 50+ times
- Wasting $7.00, when I could have wasted it into a much better game
- No bosses just an army henchmen thoughout the game!
- No story, plot, characters, or reason why your killing these henchmen
+ It's a new shooter!
+ People with no excitment in their life love it


I really wanted to give this game at least a 5, but I couldn't lie to myself. Please don't buy this game it's a waste of money and time. If we stop buying bad games they might stop making bad games.
#2synapticflowPosted 6/25/2008 8:13:24 AM
Sometimes simple, frantic fun is all a person wants. In that way, it delivers.
#3dragonball3900Posted 6/25/2008 8:48:53 AM

I dunno about a 2.0, but I pretty much agree with you.

I gave it 3.5 ;)

#4MoonBoundPosted 6/25/2008 2:17:56 PM
Yes there are some games out there better but not in every way, gyrostar is simple and challenging and people forget that alot of wiiware is targeted around casual gamers and multiplayer, also not everyone wants to come home after a hard days of work and play rez this is why people need simplicity like this.

Don't get me wrong gyrostar could have been better but me and my gf like it to beat a stage or 2 then play a few stages of bobble babble and without alot of frustration. Also it would be nice if someone reviews that plays more then 15 levels.

If you dont like the game fine but people should know that some wiuware for 7 dollars is not going to be a full blown out game stop hyping games like this to be a hardcore shooter and you may not be dissapointed.
#5danielmgPosted 6/25/2008 11:05:19 PM
The first 20 levels are boring. After level 30 it really becomes a lot more fun and challenging. The game lets you start at any of the levels you have beaten so once you get to level 30 you never have to play the boring levels again.

Its a strange way to do difficulty selection but it works.

Anyone who gives an opinion on the game and hasn't at least gotten to level 30 doesn't know what they are talking about.

I give the game an 8 taking into account it is a good deal at $7.

Buying used titles doesn't support the people who make games. The sale doesn't exist.
#6earthbound197Posted 6/26/2008 6:16:42 AM
Play it with your friends(if you have any) for more fun.
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#7ECMIMPosted 6/26/2008 1:22:07 PM
You really shouldn't have to play 30 (out of 50) levels of a game to get to the good parts...

I think Miyamoto once said (paraphrasing): if you haven't grabbed them in the first fifteen minutes, you've failed.

Gyrostarr failed at several multiples of 15 minutes =/
#8MoonBoundPosted 6/26/2008 1:57:46 PM
Ok no offense but I think that comment is wrong take knights of the old republic 2 for example you have to progress for a while before you get great combat abilitys and your light saber almost every game/genre starts with less elements of challenge, gameplay, upgrades, variety. 20 levels of this game is not that long and if you add to the fact many may be stuck on certain levels it probably will last longer. This game is also multiplayer that is a huge plus me and my friend played it drunk we did not win but it was fun.

If you cannot have fun for atleast 10 levels its not the game maybe its just not for you anyways the stages are fast there is no excuse to not finish 2 stages and take a break to make it fun again.

Games are meant to be fun and needs some form of progression to be fun.
#9MoonBoundPosted 6/26/2008 2:14:52 PM
Oops I meant 30 levels hehe.
#10Vampireshadowma(Topic Creator)Posted 6/26/2008 11:09:01 PM
Ok maybe my review was a bit on the harsh side, but it's my opinion. Sadly, some people can't handle the truth of the matter. There's just no way I or anybody I know can play 20-30 slow and boring levels, before we can get to the "Good Ones??" Gyrostarr is a game nobody will remember 1 year from now and that's why it fails.

I think ECM or Miyamoto said it best

"I think Miyamoto once said (paraphrasing): if you haven't grabbed them in the first fifteen minutes, you've failed.

Gyrostarr failed at several multiples of 15 minutes =/ "