Game keeps crashing, any remedies?

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8 years ago#1

Yeah keeps crashing on me at random points in the game.

i heard about turning off v-sync in your nvidia control panal but i do not have that on.

i have nvidia 9600 gs, amd athlon 4000x2 2 gigs ram and vista. latest video drivers.

any solution?

8 years ago#2
2 GB's of RAM & Vista = ouchies.

9600 GS? That's a Laptop card if I recall...

Does the game support Mobile Chip-sets? alot of games these days have issues with them. Try updating Sound Drivers.

No, they meant to turn V-Sync ON in yer NVIDIA control panel and turn it OFF inside the game. D3DOverrider is a good choice for this also, as it has Triple Buffering that works with DirectX based games.
8 years ago#3
oh i meant 9600 gt oc nvidia its that card that came out about a year ago, i run this game on max everything including resolution but it just crashes
8 years ago#4
Unplug any connected controller devices (gamepad, joystick, etc.).

There seems to be compatibility issues with the game and input devices besides your keyboard and mouse.

Removing them from your PC should alleviate any crashing issues you are experiencing.
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8 years ago#5

so i cannot play this game with a controller or i should just unplug it and get passed a scene where my pc crashes, this isn' t a spoiler really but my pc freezes when the tram catches on fire very early on in the game.

8 years ago#6
unpluged my controller still crashes at the same scene
8 years ago#7
damn this wonderful game for not working
8 years ago#8
You're in the same boat as myself and quite a few others.

I can't stop this game from crashing, and I've even exchanged discs. There's only been one official response from the dev. team on the EA forums, and it's a suggestion to update the C++ runtime to the 2008 SP1 version (if you're getting those specific crashes), and to update drivers, which is near-zero help for most people with these issues. This game, when playable, is quite impressive, but only when it's actually playable. I've played dozens and dozens of games and none have ever given me any unsolvable issues (except those that required patches) like this, but I suppose my luck had to run out sometime. :P This freaking game even crashes on my wife's Alienware m9750, which has different GPU's, different specs, and a different OS. Irritation Level = dangerously high.

But for now, I'm sitting here with a $50 desktop icon...and it's not even a pretty icon. Guess it's time to go play our 360.
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8 years ago#9
I have an overclocked rig and I was 100% rock solid with every game except this one. My game kept locking up after about 10 mnutes of play. Apparently, this game really chokes the gpu and cpu. My gpu was getting pretty darn hot and the driver would fail out or crash. I was running the gpu fan at 50% and raised it to 100% and the game seems stable now and I was able to play for several hours with no crashing. Check your gpu, cpu, and ram temps and add more cooling or reduce any overclocks and give the game a try...
8 years ago#10
I can play Crysis for hours with no lockups and this game, with graphics that pale in comparison, cause my rig to overheat. Go figure...
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