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8 years ago#1

I'm in Chapter 10 and there are two doors that requires Crew Access Card.

I went down the lift and got one, then went back up and went through one door. However, after I got one of the keys and have used it in one of the doors, then my key is gone from my Inventory and I need to collect a 2nd Crew Key in order to open the other door....... Does anyone know where is that 2nd Key? Please.

Appreciated, Thank you.

8 years ago#2
I haven't gotten that far but maybe check this out
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8 years ago#3

Thank you for the reply.

The only problem is that I read all the walthroughs and none of them says that it needs the second Crew key. Actually, there's none. Only one to access to all doors that requires the Crew key.

I'm starting to be fed up with this little bug and I was wondering if I can just skip this damn chapter and move on.

Any help is appreciated.

8 years ago#4

The thing is, once I get t he first card, it stays in my Inventory. Cool. However, once I use it at the first door, it goes away from my inventory and I can't find a second Crew Key, if there's any at all.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

8 years ago#5
Fortunately, this bug can be overcomed.

You will need to start the chapter from the begining or load a save, where you still had the key card. After that you will need to do the objectives in reverse order.

There are 2 doors, which require this key card, one removes the card from the inventory and the other one doesn't. Be sure to check your inventory after using the key card.
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