Giant scorpion boss in the desert

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7 years ago#1
Me and my gf are hunting monster bosses to level up faster.
We are in the desert area south of the map. We are not doing any quest just going to places where the bosses are. We already slayed the dragon in the dessert but we cant find the Scorpion boss in the desert near Na-Fian.
We went into the cave/dungeon that the scorpion is in, there is a monolith in there and near it appears to be a green portal but when we stand in there nothing happens.
We can see another floor/level below us and we assumed the portal will take us there but it didnt.
We searched the whole dungeon but cant find any way to get down, there appears to be a square dirt arena but no giant scorpion boss was there to fight.
How do we get to the lower level to kill the giant scorpion?
Is it quest specific?

Any help would be appreciated :)
7 years ago#2
The giant is part of the main quest, you gotta get it to that point before you can fight it. ^_^
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7 years ago#3
ok thanks for the response killo i thought we can kill the scorpion boss and other monster bosses without doing the quest as that was how we killed the dragon in the desert.
We'll go try to kill other bosses and come back to the scorpion later then :)
7 years ago#4
You mean the dragon to the far south-east? Thats an optional boss. Theres lots of those around, but about 9 story boss(if you count the last as 1 boss lol).
Its fun to explore the world and find new bosses huh? I personally like the werewolf optional boss the best, he's just so much fun to piss-off XD
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7 years ago#5
Yup that dragon was on the south east side, we just look on the map that came with the game and try to go to the places where the bosses are :)
It was fun finding the dragon cos first there were these little baby dragon attacking us and then we saw the big one which at that stage was quite p!ssed off cos we killed its babies.

Anyways we couldnt find the scorpion king so we went further south and we couldnt find the eel boss either so thats another quest boss down there i think.

We havent found the werewolf boss yet but trust me when we do we will have fun getting him p!ssed off too hehehe
7 years ago#6
I believe if you start a free world game, you can fight any boss even the main quest ones. Though i haven;t got to a point to try that myself just yet
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7 years ago#7
when you get to dryad island go find the dragon boss there, i think hes the most fun to agitate... can be a handful till u figure him out if ur melee but he actually puts up a decent fight compared to the other dragon bosses
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