Anyone here play this game?

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Bump jockey lovers!
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I do !
7 years ago#56
I've had the game for 1 day.

I'm massively struggling to win a race. I need timing tips for coming off the bend and also coming up the home straight! What do I do?? Help appreciated.
7 years ago#57
And also I've downloaded the extra horses from the PS3 store, now does that go straight into the game? If so, what are they as they dont have the real names. Plus what are the best ones etc? Thanks
7 years ago#58

Finally, someone is here.

The timing is the key to this game, and unless you have played some G1 Jockey before, you'll find this very tough.
Knowing when to drive and pull back the horse is what the game is all about.
My tip is just keep riding and after at least 100 races you'll start to pick up the timing and mojo of whats needed to play this game.
That is what makes this game so epic. every race is different because no 2 horses are the same.
Im still learning and ive had over 22 seasons completed in this series.
Try and push drive button when the leg lead light flashes, the tempo is very quick and when you are 200-300m out , go nuts on the button and the horse goes into full drive.
Once you've had 100 races minimum, you will be better.
Enjoy, and keep me updated.
Hope this helps...

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  3. Anyone here play this game?

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