Anyone here play this game?

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7 years ago#61
Any new Jockey players in the house?
7 years ago#62
7 years ago#63
Hello Peeps, I sorta forgot about this board for a while but am back now and love the game, I play for at least 10 hours a day it seems because it is so addicting, I am still on easy because I like winning and don't always win on easy because sometimes you find yourself riding a horse with high ability in a maiden race but then sometimes another horse will be at a rediculus ability in a maiden race, lets say like if I ride a horse with 69 rating, then sometimes you will have to ride against a horse with 75 rating, that is what makes this game the best, there is always someone trying to crush you, I would however liked to have seen a couple things added in the game like the dirt track to race on, more racetracks, and night racing like they do in the U.S.A but its still a great game and gets a 10 out of 10 from me.
7 years ago#64
Let's get a deep discussion going, anyone own any real racehorses? I do, about 30 and it gives me something to keep up on and it gets fun when I have at least one in everyday.
7 years ago#65
Hey All, I mentioned this some time ago but my playstation 3 sometimes "Lags" slightly, it's n ot all the time, I tried formatting the hard disk like 5 times and I even bought a cleaner disc called the GameDr and still "Lags" and am now considering buying a new Television because the one I have is an Element but is only 60 Mhz and I am running my Playstation 3 with an HDMI cable on 1080 HD, could the Television be causing it to "lag" or do you think my hard drive on the PS3 is defective? Any suggestions? Thank you
7 years ago#66
I'm on Hard level big Chad and i'm riding at 70% win. (easy is 'too easy')
I'm guessing its your tv, not ps3.

How far into the game are you?

And, i don't own any real racehorses.
7 years ago#67

Ya I'm starting to think it is the T.V because my ps3 plays and looks great and then every so often will just start to lag for no reason which very may well be the T.V, It is a 22 inch Element brand T.V and would like to upgrade soon to at least 50 inch so I can at least see beyond the main character when playing the ps3 which is usually G1 jockey 4 2008.

I may start over on normal because I am not that far along in the game, it seems like the farthest I get is to like 2nd or 3rd year and then I end up formatting the hard drive causing it to loose all my saved data so I really need a new T.V, or actually do you think it might be a bad hook up with my HDMI cable? Would it help if I switch to the Composite cable or is that the same thing?
7 years ago#68
Funny :)

Tv for sure....

I'm nearly through 5 seasons..

Best Game ever!!!!!
7 years ago#69
is it possible to change your own silks in the game without having to start over? I still just cannot get the timing right on a late closer where the horse likes to be in last, I like that running style but like I said I cannot time it right because I always start driving in the middle of the last turn or at the 400m pole and everytime the other horses are all at least 5 lenghts in front, its as if they all are medicated and full of run.
7 years ago#70
The best way to win on back markers is:

Still aim for the best start possible.
Pull back hard straight away only to make the green feeling marker to a dot. (not blue).
This should pull your horse to the back of the pack, or close enough.
800-900m out start driving hard.
Keep driving to red energy is gone then whip to 'GO"
don't forget to change lead leg around last bend.(it helps with potential-yellow)
then drive for the line...
when potential runs out around 150m out change lead leg again around 80-100m out.
good luck with this technique, i usually win this way.
I even pull the hold up horses at the start of a race a little bit also, just not as much as the true back runners.

Good luck!
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