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6 years ago#1
Ok, there is so much talk about the number of rogress you get. And I'm not sure what to believe. I get that you get 9 eventually. BUT how many do you get? I didn't win the fight against "the other child of eesa" and I lost Rufunga. I didn't get the one in the ruins of hilbert. I'm going back to carbunculus. After which I plan on going to the hold tower.

Now, can someone please tell me, since I didn't get Rufunga, do I get the last 3? Or can I win the last 3? How many do I get? I'm confused on that part. I also understand that there are optional but not missable rogress. When can I begin to get those?

Any information on the above would be wonderful. This way I can understand what's going on. Also in your opinions what's the coolest rogresses? Strongest rogresses and the most useful for later on?

Thanks in advance. Happy gaming!! ^-^
6 years ago#2
6 years ago#3
Help, please?
6 years ago#4

From: nytshadow20 | #001
I get that you get 9 eventually. BUT how many do you get?

So, you understand that you get 9 eventually, then why are you asking how many you get?

Also, the real number is 12........ or is it?
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6 years ago#5
At this very moment. Out of the 4, I thought I had made that clear. If I didn't get rufunga, how many out of the 4 you choose to get do I get? 3?
6 years ago#6
The total number of Rogress is 12, although you eventually get the 9 you need to enter the Holy Land of Noire regardless of which ones you get.

As for the 4 that you can choose, you can get 3 of them (Alf automatically gets the last one that you don't choose).
6 years ago#7
Ok, thanks, I just got the wind rogress. And now I'm on my way to heal Ryfia. Then I plan to head to the volcano? I didn't get banchu. So I am getting the last 3. But which would you recommend getting next? The one in the volcano? Or squill? Difficulty wise? And when can I start to get the optional rogress?
6 years ago#8
Wind Rogress is in the tower right? With Banchu being the ruins? Isn't that 2 already? Isn't the story supposed to continue from there? I know it did for me...
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6 years ago#9
I didn't get Banchu. I let alf get him. And from what I'm understanding you only get 2 if you go Rufunga. You're suppose to have 5 once the story continues. I have 3. Idk whic to get next. And yes the wind rogress in in the holy tower by the ruins where you get Banchu.
6 years ago#10
Accually, according to the one guide up on gamefaqs. It says if you managed to get Rufunga, you can attempt 3 rogress dungeons, if you didn't, then you can attempt them all. Then the story will continue from there.
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