Best weapons in the game..

#1wayluckierthanuPosted 8/13/2010 8:56:35 PM
Well I just finished the game and now I'm wondering what is the best weapons for each character and the arm force that goes with it is or your opinion on what is the best. The only ones I really care about is my main party : L'arc, Ryfia, Rastan, but knowing the others would be nice too. Thanks!
#2megamanZ95Posted 8/13/2010 9:27:59 PM
All ultimate weapons have no native arm forces and amazing secret abilities. However' you need 999 WP to make them perfect.

go to Jada and kill the enemy in the corner next to the save point for L'arc ultimate weapon

L'arc ultimate weapon - Alondite - no native arm force pieces. but secret ability is deadly strike++, which makes every hit a critical.

Rastan - enemy in the soliton caves - no native arm pieces. my understanding is automatically guards all attacks. not sure at the moment..

but i can tell you Serge's ultimate weapon makes all magic critical hits
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my bad..i mean L'arc is called the Askalon.

The Alondite is a weapon you basically get at the end of the post dungeon which invalidates all arm forces from what i understand. so its good too
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L'Arc and Serge's ultimate weapons sound awesome, auto-critical all the time, but then you find out most post-game bosses have block critical. So they're essentially good only for slaughtering regular encounters.

That's just lame.

Although it was kinda cool to have L'Arc kill King of kings with one 4 attack combo(could actually have done it in 3 hits lol).
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Hi, for Ryfia's ultimate weapon go to the verct skywalk and fight a miniboss, (it is a bird with lightning type attacks) and he will give you a weapon which allows her to enter battle with 100 SP. The boss is all the way at the end to the right of the door.