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3 years ago#1
Man, is it me, or this game has some very brutal boss.

In just fought Hosea and Ignacy and man, those are hard

Ignacy is just brutal I could not even lay a trinity act on him and I had alf Helping me. This was just too much tiring. a very long battle.

And Hosea is much better, easy until he has few hp, where he start becoming brutal too. damn hiim, at least, he was much easier then Ignacy
3 years ago#2
was level 50
3 years ago#3
sorry, I'm stupid, I got level 62 since i was scared and Dynos, Clyde and Alf were not very hard.
3 years ago#4
Hosea was hard for me Ignacy wasn't to bad. Now the terrible trio I had trouble with. Then again I was probably under-leveled than you was.
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3 years ago#5
Ignacy was easy, extremely easy.

Hosea... was also easy, but trying to steal his shards allowed him to kill me once. I literally had left him with like 1 HP when he used his excel act and killed everyone. :S

I haven't played since I beat Hosea yet. I'm procrastinating.

Hardest boss I've fought so far was Clyde. Or the survival fight against Clyde, Alf, and Adele.
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3 years ago#6
Just beat Allul at Level 60

that was an intense 45 minute fight o_o
3 years ago#7

Level 62 was when I was fighting post-game bonus bosses....
3 years ago#8
I got all the optional Rogress as soon as they were available, picking up Allul at around 60. Allul was tough, but she's manageable as long as you don't unleash your Rogress until you're for sure going to kill her. The fight for Rufunga and the survival fight in the castle were the hardest to me. Allwise wasn't bad, but his whole "haha deadly strike++ doesn't work on me" thing ticked me off. Had to go back to my tried and true Zweihander since evidently antiforce can't kick in on null crit. Dumb. I tried like 1500 times. Doesn't work.
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