Why do people think Nirvana wrote Creep?

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8 years ago#1
and I'm talking about the STP song.
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8 years ago#2
It's funny because it's still the wrong 90's alternative band.
8 years ago#3

Stone Temple pilots wrote a creep too.

The one the goes "I'm half the man I used to beeeee"
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8 years ago#4
You mean Radiohead
8 years ago#5
and dont you mean Negative Creep?
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8 years ago#6


Well, in my defense the Radiohead version is the one that was in Rock Band.

8 years ago#7
what the BEEP is going on
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8 years ago#8

why do people think STP wrote creep... when it was clearly The Cure, jk it was Prince, or was Korn, or Weezer, or maybe Damien Rice. Actually, the guy who wrote the song, Thom, doesn't even do the song anymore.

However there is a song called negative creep by nirvana so the people the TC is talking about are more correct than they are
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8 years ago#9
Rick James wrote the song Supercreep and no one can touch him.
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8 years ago#10
....You mean Superfreak?

and I can't tell you how dissapointing it is to hear the music, get all excited, and it's just MC hammer.
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