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anyone still playing online (Archived)badboycj27612/9/2010
Castle Mode (Archived)BandersnatchGo312/9/2010
I dont understand the hate for this game (Archived)Ron1989911/4/2010
Castlevania Judgment combo video -Absolute Judge Side-B- (Archived)Persona-Z-110/28/2010
ya know... (Archived)
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This game wasn't very good...but you have to admit that Carmilla was SMOKIN' HOT (Archived)Axel_Flamer210/6/2010
Just ordered for $6.49 shipped. That's a sick ass price. (Archived)Flame_Thrower_210/1/2010
Game won't start (Archived)Haseo1861549/29/2010
Worth playing for a Castlevania lover? (Archived)IMPofBTS59/26/2010
I would like to add friends, please. (Archived)
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Fought a guy named CJ online.... (Archived)the_real_eggman19/15/2010
So Is there goinging to be a Castlevainia judgement 2 or no. (Archived)lazynut109/15/2010
Where can I find the artwork of the characters? (Archived)RajKhN59/2/2010
I rented this game (Archived)Adrian_Macabre28/29/2010
What does Midair OK means? (Archived)MeCarana28/5/2010
So I bought this game and... (Archived)SaiDrawings98/4/2010
Do I suck, or are Cornell and Grant really that overpowered? (Archived)Link48457/12/2010
Castlevania Judgment Friend Codes!!! (Archived)
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anyone want to battle (Archived)nightsketchman236/29/2010
what characters did you expect to see but didnt ? or.... (Archived)liamx200095/16/2010
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