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StickyFrequently Asked Questions - Please Read Before Posting (12/12/08) (Sticky)
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RevenantThings622/6 1:01PM
CT vs FF6 which is better and whydavech198743/31 11:41AM
Stuck in the gameFlamer_Blue73/31 6:51AM
Square Enix makes a survey, and Chrono Trigger is on it!NatalyNeeSama43/31 1:55AM
marle vanishdavech198713/30 8:13AM
overlevelled ?davech198713/30 8:10AM
i need help with this game.zeatwo23/29 9:29PM
Frog and the Mystics *unnecessary 20 year old spoiler warning*LukeSkyvvalker93/28 6:37PM
How much did you want to murder Dalton when *spoilers*...AwesomePerson9963/27 11:57PM
Which real life time period would you correspond Chrono Trigger's 1000AD to?sega3109823/27 4:07AM
Complaint regarding Schala and Robo in the SNES vs DS ending (Major Spoilers)Panicluvs53/27 4:01AM
Do any mistranslations in the game completely change the perspective of events?Panicluvs83/27 3:54AM
I seriously wish....Linxred33/25 7:30PM
Is Magus, Robo, and Ayla the most powerful team?Panicluvs43/23 3:19PM
Defeating the New Final Boss without Pressing Any Buttons (No Commands)Global108x13/22 1:47AM
How do I not race johnny and just walk the path?ZenzokukenX53/15 2:20PM
Wow what a game.BigKurz43/15 6:27AM
Just beat this game, Dream Project ending is very coolHibikiRush103/13 7:20PM
The true answer to the why is Marle using Fire on the box question.BeTheReds73/13 10:26AM
So if Crono destroys Lavos during the Ocean Palace disaster (new game +)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Rozzbane253/11 12:12PM
Am I Insane?SyntheticFrost63/11 6:39AM
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