Who made it to max level in the original one

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7 years ago#21
Doesn't take that long.

I know, but it accomplishes nothing, except that your Power Tabs can continue thinking "we're helping, we're helping :D".

You end up with so many power tabs since most of the physical people max power by the 60s anyways. What else can you do with them?

That's true. At least there is something to do with them for a little while, even if it doesn't make Lucca or Marle any better. Compare that to Speed tabs, which become completely useless reeeeal quick. And they're not even good for selling. Nothing to do but throw them in a big pile.
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7 years ago#22
Flash2Beasley | Posted 7/22/2008 8:31:13 PM | message detail

Hell I even maxed out Marle and Lucca's power stat...

This plus Ayla's magic stat all on the PS version.
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7 years ago#23
I never did IE even after 10 total completions IE 9 NG+ games I still only had LV 93 party members but started the first NG+ game only at LV 50 to 55.

So I barely gained even 10 levels per NG+ game.
7 years ago#24
Yeah I did on my second playthrough, even maxed Lucca and Marle's power using the tubster battles.

Had all the best gear for everyone, was too easy. When I finally got to Lv99 (I was at 56 when I beat Lavos originally, then decided what the eff...go for 99) it was too easy I got bored lol.

Oh well, I like getting the max level in all of the rpgs I play, as well as collecting all of the items, gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Sidenote: Also having ** speed on every character made everything so fast, yay for Ayla+charm top in the black omen, I love panels <3
7 years ago#25
I know I maxed everybody's stats, but I don't think I made it over level 70.
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