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4 years ago#11
Tall Guy posted...
Yep. I'm already a big fan of the Zelda universe. It's not really a Chrono Trigger game like though :)

Cheers for the help guys, i'll check some of the things you mentioned.

I know it's not really a Chrono Trigger like game but you could also get the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past gba cart if you don't already have a different version of ALttP.
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3 years ago#12
I already played all the Zelda games, but thanks for the tip anyway ;-)
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3 years ago#13
Nothing is very similar to Chrono Trigger. The games mentioned range from good to immortal classics, but they're not closely similar to CT. IMO, Chrono Trigger's closest relations are these:

1) On the Dragon Quest side, Dragon Quest IV. All Dragon Quests have an overarching plot in the background and vignettes that tie into the plot, but Dragon Quest IV also has an ensemble cast with silent hero and a plot I believe contributed heavily to CT's 600 AD era. The remade versions have a secret party member who has an obvious conceptual descendant in CT. [I like DQ4 better than DQ5 - Dragon Quest fans tend to favor one of DQ3, DQ4, or DQ5, and while DQ3 is definitely not what you are looking for, you won't go far wrong with the other two.]

2) On the Final Fantasy side, I can't comment on Mystic Quest, so Final Fantasy VI is the closest peer I know; not surprising since they came out a year apart. FF6 shares a non-punishing difficulty level and a similar linear first act/nonlinear second act structure, but has many, many more options in battle and for character customization and requires many more hours to complete. I think it's the better game, objectively, but CT is more fun despite a lack of opera.

3) In the direct line of descent, Chrono Cross, widely hailed as the most disappointing sequel of the era. It's not a bad game on its own terms, but it's not much like Chrono Trigger.

4) Made by much of the same team, Xenogears has some CT callbacks. It's better known for the story than the gameplay, unless you're of the opinion that what the JRPG genre needs is giant robot jumping puzzles.

5) As discussed on this board, Secret of Mana and CT divided at the embryonic stage. SoM...isn't much like CT at all, except for the graphics. If you want more of CT's graphics, the 16-bit Seiken Densetsus are the first place to look.

6) The formerly obscure visual novel (i.e. choose-your-own-adventure book) sequel Radical Dreamers has been fan-translated into English and runs fine on emulators. While it plays nothing like CT, follows a non-canon ending, and is obviously a rough draft for Chrono Cross, it is the last game in which you get to interact with any of the CT main cast.

All of these have random encounters, except for Chrono Cross and Secret of Mana. That's just what games were like then.

A (very) distant relation I haven't seen mentioned so far is Mother 3, for GBA. It never came out in English so you need adequate Japanese or a fan translation, but if you can find a way to play it you will not be disappointed. If you thought the Ocean Palace and Death Peak scenes were moving, or the Solitary Island in FF6, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Also, no random encounters.

A side note on the Dragon Quest series: the first three games are called the "Erdrick Trilogy" (or "Loto Trilogy" if you use the retranslated and inferior names), since they center around the adventures of Erdrick and descendants. These are very early JRPGs, and it shows. DQ1 is a bare-bones template; I find it fun in its own unique way, but people have a taste for it or they don't, and if they don't it's completely unplayable. DQ2 is a much bigger game crippled by hideous difficulty. DQ3 is the first Dragon Quest that could be considered good by post-1980s standards, but it's good because it is intensely customizable; you create your own party of companions, can create more and change characters out at a specific location, and generally see what silly stunts you can pull. DQ4 is the first game with character backstories, a villain who does things besides sit in a castle all day, and other accouterments of the modern JRPG.
3 years ago#14
Sorry for the late response, I only now saw this.
Wow, great answer mate. I'll start checking some of games you mentioned :)

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3 years ago#15

I did some reading about the games you mentioned. I think I already mentioned I'm mostly looking for a DS/GBA games, as I mainly playing during Bus-Times :)

But you did mentioned some games I heard great things about and would love to try like Xenogears/Chrono Cross. It might even worth checking for a second-hand PSP for that, as I can then play it on the run.

I'll be checking Dragon Quest IV. Sadly Final Fantasy VI is so expensive right now at EBay that I put it on hold.

By the way, I did mentioned I'm looking for a game like Chrono Trigger, but I also am willing to try any classic JRPG classic that is not identical to Chrono Trigger Look and feel.
"One must keep his friends close Raziel, and his enemies, even closer.." -- Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
3 years ago#16
DS/GBA makes it rather harder, since you have to go with re-releases for the 16-bit classics.

Can you read Japanese? Alternately, can you somehow get a patched GBA game onto your DS? If yes, get Mother 3. You will not regret it.

Are you half-decent at platforming? If yes, consider Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (GBA). It's a mix of platforming and RPG elements, in the "Mario RPG" style (RPG engine, but timing-based battles and mild platforming in the overworld). You play it for the silliness - the blizzard of silly references, a main antagonist's bizarre food metaphors, etc. Unfortunately, the second game isn't as good, and the third relies on the first to set it up properly (like the first three Dragon Quests, except that Superstar Saga is very good in its own right), so you want to play Superstar Saga first if you can. If you can't, get Bowser's Inside Story for similar platforming-RPG antics.

As it happens, Dragon Quest IV and V are both available on DS, so whichever you'd rather. Dragon Quest IV has more and more interesting characters, and shares more with Chrono Trigger. Too bad the party talk system that actually fleshes them out got cut. Dragon Quest V has a rare generation-spanning storyline, more player choice, and a monster recruiting system. Do not underestimate the fun of a monster recruiting system - for a while DQV (SNES) bored me to the point that what kept me going was the opportunity to recruit my very favorite monster. Then it got better (also, I could have my very favorite monster beat up other monsters whenever I wanted). [DQ games keep most of the same roster of wandering monsters from game to game. If you'd played through the four preceding games, you would have favorite monsters, monsters you want to kill with fire, monsters you grudgingly respect because you know how powerful they are, and a special place in your heart for metal slimes.]

I've heard about the DS remake of FFIV. I played the original on the SNES, and it didn't make a strong impression on me, but I know that is absolute heresy and it is a widely loved game. Do you want an ensemble female-led cast, a game with linear and non-linear segments, and the most entertaining villain in all FF, or the first main character strongly differentiated from the player, a single storyline pointing you directly at where to go next, and the most competent villain in all FF? I heard the remake changes a lot of things (like letting you change party members instead of your party being fixed) and ups the difficulty (FFIV was not the easiest game in Square's library to begin with, although not the hardest either), along with making all the character models 3D. I expect it has a better translation, though - FFIV was the last big Square game translated by whoever they had before Ted Woolsey, and except for one widely quoted line the original translation was blandly functional.

I've heard wonderful things about the Golden Sun series for GBA, but don't know a thing about them so I can't give any more detailed recommendation.
3 years ago#17
I played all the Supersaga games and had tons of fun with it. Especially with Bowser's Inside Story. I'm planing to pick both Final Fantasy VI and IV at some point as I also heard IV remake is great.

I know they one a DS Golden Sun game. Anyone played those and can tell me if those 3 connects into one major storyline? or can I pick the DS version and skip the first GBA games?
"One must keep his friends close Raziel, and his enemies, even closer.." -- Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
3 years ago#18
Tall Guy posted...
Sadly Final Fantasy VI is so expensive right now at EBay that I put it on hold.

Wow, you're right. Some of those gba versions, imho, are rediculously priced. I am a bit curious about this one though.

The label pic on the cart is different than the one form the box so either this was a re-release of the gba version or it's a fake.
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3 years ago#19
That's fake, yo. Those characters are from FFIV.

And here's some of their feedback:

"Obviously conterfeint cartridge. Attention contrefašon !"
Reply: "my games are NOT conterfeint,you are the only buyer to have said this!!!"
nintendo gba advance ds game final fantasy VI 6 (#251094332228)

"Fake games being sold, seller admitted it to me. Beware, don't buy his products."
castlevania double pack advance ds game (#251148109956)

"Selling bootleg copies of gba games, fraudster reported to eBay"
final fantasy 6 vi nintendo advance ds game (#251220124774)
3 years ago#20
I'll also vote for Dragon Quest V. It's story is certainly the highlight of the series, with a very involved "silent hero" that covers 22 years of his life. The DQ games, with their humor and art, all have a vaguely Chrono Trigger feel. V has a great monster-recruitment feature and a superb minigame.

Dragon Quest VI is also worth checking out. The world is huge and filled with secrets. The story is less personal but a rather non-traditional series (for lack of a better word) "political intrigues". It has a fantastic cast of characters and a fairly enjoyable Job system.
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