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Yakuza 5 Petition (Archived)billsnbizkits27/13 12:39PM
There is something I've just noticed about the Yakuza games.. (Archived)AxelStone95/28 1:30PM
What heat moves do I have to learn to have komaki teach me new techniques? (Archived)AxelStone25/10 5:58AM
Hard Mode Run - 5 Heat Actions to go (Archived)johnrayjr22/25/2014
Did I "Miss" the Essence Level 10 Heat action on my first play? (Archived)johnrayjr22/21/2014
Do Battle Points (BP) Carry Over in Premium New Game? (Archived)johnrayjr22/21/2014
im looking for a beat em/brawler (Archived)Darkwolf202132/11/2014
My first yakuza game I've alwats been interested so I bought 3 but I'm confused (Archived)Lightborne92/8/2014
I'm a horrible person... (SPOILERS) (Archived)raddicuss12/6/2014
Yakuza 5: Petition for western release (Archived)wakuseimoe41/4/2014
Even after several years.. (Archived)Lord_Death_Man101/4/2014
Kazuma's Dragon Tattoo (Archived)Jonyunotme108112/20/2013
This game is totally awesome! (Archived)FalconGTHO611/25/2013
Just got my platinum. (Archived)DelusioNzorszor510/14/2013
Haven't played Yakuza 1 & 2 (Archived)EminentFate49/5/2013
That was distracting...*minor spoilers* (Archived)NepentheNeo49/5/2013
Should I get this game ($10) if I've already played and loved Yakuza 4? (Archived)King_Bumiuy12348/31/2013
How do I access ultimate challenge? (Archived)KainReaver10928/11/2013
Is Minigame Master supposed to be more difficult than Ultimate Challenger??? (Archived)mrsims3148/6/2013
yakuza 3 uk - make number 1 cabaret girl substory (Archived)faiz555248/6/2013
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