Music rip of Rockman No Constancy?

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8 years ago#1
Especially Quickman's stage. Help please :D

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8 years ago#2
I actually have an NSF file of the entire game that a friend made.


My favorites are probably Air Man (track 10), boss (track 12) and final boss (track 16)
8 years ago#3
Oh, and to play NSF files, google 'Meridian Advance' or 'NotSoFatso'.
8 years ago#4
Yay, thanks. Just wondering, is there any way to convert these to MP3s or any other format?
8 years ago#5

....Is that a 8-bit version of the theme from NxC?
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8 years ago#6
There are NSF2MIDI programs you can probably google, I only really used one before and it was very nice except left the percussion kind of strange (though you can just edit which percussion instrument is what in an midi editor to fix it, though that can still be a bit of a hassle); and there are MIDI2MP3 programs that works extremely well and easily that you should also be able to find fairly easily. One guy I know had a direct NSF2MP3 converter that left them sounding exactly the same but he has no idea where he found it, doesn't have it now, etc. -- maybe someone else can help out with that, I'd love to have it if it actually exists as well.
8 years ago#7
I love that game.

My favorite tunes are Stage Select, Password Input, Stage Intro, Stage Clear, Weapon Get, Heat Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Metal Man, Clash Man, Quick Man, Wood Man, Flash Man, Wily Stage 1-2, Wily Stage 3-4, Boss, Final Boss, Ending, and Credits.

wow, that's about everything everything O_o
8 years ago#8
oops, I forgot Title Music/Wily Stage 6
8 years ago#9
If you want an MP3 of a song in an NSF, just get an NSF plugin for Winamp and dump the audio to hard disk, then encode that wav in Lame or something.
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