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8 years ago#1
I actually liked Game Party but it had a ton of things wrong with it. The controls were off on several of the games and the multiplayer was set up weird. There were several games in multi-player were only one person could play (hoops for example). If another person wanted to play, you would have to wait until that player was done and then re enter the game and play. Not much of a party.

Game Party 2 has a much cleaner structure to it. Right away you will notice an improved game selection screen and the ability to create a character. All of the games now offer multiplayer and a game like hoops (mentioned above) allows two players to play at the same time. The controls are much improved this time around and make the game much more fun to play. Even though the game is $30 this time instead of $20, Game Party 2 is much improved over the first entry.

There are some new games like lawn darts, horse shoes (for example) that are pretty good and some games return like Darts, Trivia and Hoops and all three have been improved on. Trivia and Darts are really two stand out games and make the package worth the price IMO. So far the only game I think should have been left out is bean bag toss, it just isn't that much fun.

Lastly regarding multiplayer, each player can use their created player in a vs or tournament match. You will win tickets each time you play and these allow you to buy extras for games and for you created character. This feature was lacking in Game Party and really helps complete this package. This game still saves the top ten high scores and has been improved in pretty much every area.

I would have liked to have seen the $20 price point carried over but this game is easily $10 better than the first game. If you hated Game Party, I would at least recommend a rental of Game Party 2.
No More Heroes is pretty much the greatest game ever made.
8 years ago#2
I like the first one a little better actually,
although both lack a whole lot from options to gameplay,
they are both pretty decent cheap simple party games.
I like darts on the first version the best.
ping cup is terrible,
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8 years ago#3
^Interesting. I just find this game to be much cleaner in terms of the menus, characters ect.

Also, Game Party really dropped the ball with the multi-player portion of the game. Several of the games could only be played by one person, which kind of defeats the "party" idea. I also prefer being able to create and save characters in Game Party 2 over the generic characters of Game Party.

As for darts, I think it was the high light of Game Party and also Game Party 2. The Trivia game is still great but has been improved in Game Party 2 as well. I miss a couple of the games in Game Party but overall feel that Game Party 2 is a better, more polished product.
No More Heroes is pretty much the greatest game ever made.
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