Best rarepon type for yumipon?

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7 years ago#1
just asking 4 ur opinions:
menyokki (tree), chiku (porcupine) or mogyu (devil)?
tree pon has like d highest cnc ratio, porcupine pon has d fastest speed and devil pon deals insane damage. which would u prefer? tree pon has high cnc n cric ratio, which i think could be use 4 both farming n battles. porcupine on d other hand, from what i heard, is so fast tht wth d right equipment thy could stagger d boss 3 times in 1 attack. n devil pon is just pure chaos which is not good 4 farming but makes u feel unstoppable (feels damn good in patapon 1 wth a whole army of dark purple pon. :p)

i thought of going 4 either porcupine or tree wth devil pon but thn i would need ALOT of materials. so which would u pick?
7 years ago#2
believe me chikus suck

if want to to have a good team of LV 10 devilpons (wich in my opinion are the best type) you must start o farm so you will need to have treepons first anyway
7 years ago#3
yeah for farming get 4 tree pons and maybe 2 mushroom pons, also think about exploiting boss weakneses. For example a couple of penguin pons would do great against ciokina
7 years ago#4
hmm.. so porcupine is not good huh? thx 4 d heads up. but tree pon gets burn very easily. does the hero tatepon blocks fire in hero mode?
7 years ago#5
Yumipons can attack (IIRC) as often as 3 times as Chikurinchis.

Hero Yumipon will rain arrows on enemies as Chikurinchis, and you can offset the lack of power with a mask that focuses on power.

Or just alternately go for a powerful Rarepon then give him the Shubbabasa mask that cuts down Atk Spd by 80%.

Help me make my first 500 topiX
7 years ago#6
chikus will fire 6 arrows instead of 3 in fever mode but this 6 arrows deals very low damage also chikus will die with the first attack from a boss also they will fire 6 arrows but a treepon with a great thunder bow or an ancient bow will fire 6 arrows too

devilpons are the best but if you want them you must have treepons to farm items first

and yes hero tatepon blocks fire for all your team
7 years ago#7
ok. now i have 2 lv10 treepon, 3 lv6 treepon n 1 lv6 porcupine pon. but it is taking way 2 long 4 me 2 upgrade them.. i dun have problem playing kon kimpon but d problem now is he always drop titanium n mytheerial rocks. i only get like 2 hard irons after playing 10 times. now i have 86 titanium n 38 mytheerial.. this is seriously pissing me off. if i play kon kimpon lv2, i only end up getting 6x more stones thn hard iron.. n i end up playing d recycling game ALOT. i 1 hard irons!! lol.

n gashirin bone r just never enough.. sob..

any suggestions? i know 1 boss drops hard iron but thn i realize tht if i keep getting thm from bosses my boss will be 2 strong 4 me 2 handle in d future.
7 years ago#8
dodonga lvl 56 is just the same as dodonga lvl 4 only with more HP. He dies just as easily. SO I sugest farming him
7 years ago#9
wohoho!! now i have 5 lv10 treepons n they r awesome! bosses just keep crapping items. LOL.. thx 4 d tips everyone.

i'm thinking of going 4 mushroom n penguin pons now. maybe mushroom pon 4 megapons n penguin 4 yaripons? or any better suggestions? farming 4 d items is going 2 take a looooong time.
7 years ago#10
believe me chikus suck

Tikulee patapons are awesome for Giant weapons. Don't just deem they're crap because you don't like them.

Besides, they look great, and looks >>> all.
Pitlord is not crap! >_>
Yes. I know I go >_> alot.
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