Why do all the other heroes suck?

#1Link484Posted 5/8/2012 3:18:04 AM
Mostly I use the hero with the spear (yaripon I think) because it's the only one that does decent damage. Each explosion does about 50-100 damage do everything it touches and it hits the bosses 3-4 times, which is about 300-400 damage per hit. And it's based on only a level 5 normal patapon.

On the other hand, I have the kibapon hero, based on a level 9 normal patapon, which you'd think be stonger. But no, it only does about 30-40 damage to one target, not even an area. It's also a lot more vulnerable thanks to being at the front. Seriously, what's up with that?

At least the tatepon hero is kinda useful because it makes you invincible.
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#2pamboysPosted 5/8/2012 5:34:11 AM(edited)
you think so? I think so too.

yes. the Yaripon Hero is great. Reminds me of my gameplay with the japanese Patapon2, I played it even though I cant understand japanese. I never figured out that he can change class then, but I was able to finish the game with Hero Yaripon all the way. XD

anyways. little info about Hero-pon :3
Yaripon and Toripon Hero are almost have the same Hero Mode but the Toripon hero has a flight advantage.

Dekapon and Robopon have identical hero mode "the whirly weapon", its corny I know :P
Dekapon Hero is great in Paraget. alternate Pon Chaka song + Pon Pata song deals great damage. even if you have bad rhythm, he will still dish out large amount of damage especially with critical.

Mahopon Hero are great for walls or building siege missions. they destroy enemy buildings as if they were paste, larger targets are better.

Yumipon and Kibapon Hero are great for farming. I switch to Kibapon hero If Im not using the Kibapon Group, coz he stays in the front to collect all the loots.

Tatepon Hero is bad, a terrible hero. dont use it, definitely broken.
Its true though in Paraget, he's terrible :P

about Hero Kibapon.
Hero Kibapon is a great farmer, not that he dishes or throws lots of hits and damage but he's a great collector, yes he's the man, especially if youre only using long range units exclusively. if youre not using Hero Yumipon for farming use Hero Kibapon, he also throws lots of hits.