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User Info: Gonzafan

6 years ago#1

My favorite regular level (counting the Map Piece levels) is the BuiBui Fort 3. It is mostly a timing challenge level with lots of spikes to avoid and sudden death, which before all the obstacles are avoided and all the BuiBui units are defeated, you can only have 2-3 LocoRocos, and usually just 1 spike/bomb hit results to cause all 2-3 LocoRocos to get stung are so it will result in death. I really like challenging myself.

User Info: Vysion_of_books

6 years ago#2
That would be my least favorite level (never have finished it). I'm not a fan of the water levels either.

I like the levels with fireworks.
-Vysion_of_books, vision with one i

User Info: Candied_Air

6 years ago#3
Yeah! I absolutely love Challenging myself and Bui Bui Fort 3 was one of my favorites next to Kelapton 2 and Jao Jab 3. (sigh) nobody appreciates a challenge. At least I found someone who does.
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