ok how the hell do you make your sorcery pet fight?

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6 years ago#1
I have a level 5 sorcery user and I can't ignore it anymore. I now know for sure, my guardian isn't doing anything. I had been suspecting. So I finally did a test and just hit an enemy once then stood there to see if the guardian was hitting or not. It wasn't. All it does is just follow me around.
6 years ago#2
You can try tapping the power hotkey for the respective summon. This changes it between "passive" and "offensive" modes.

However, even this may not work. Unfortunately all pets suffer from poorly designed AI at the moment, and often do almost nothing even if given the correct orders. Simply put, they are due for an overhaul. I'd suggest emphasizing your Destiny tree and supplementing it with a few powers from Summoning until this happens.
6 years ago#3
I was able to get him to fight a few times tonight. it seems random. had nothing to do with what I did. I don't know if I am switching his mode or not. All I can seem to do is summon and desummon him. But every once in a while i see him shoot out a laser or something
6 years ago#4
Yeah pets are pretty broken right now. Hopefully they will get an overhaul and actually be useful.
6 years ago#5
The Guardian pet is very broken like this. 90% of the time he will just follow you around and do nothing.

The watcher and fury however work just fine. They will follow you and participate in any battle you get in. Just bear in mind that these pets are role specific. If you want the watcher to heal, you need to summon him in healer role. If you want the Fury to use his special attack, you need to summon him in damage role.

I wasn't aware of being able to switch pets in and out of passive mode, as the above poster suggested. I will have to experiment with that today and see if I can confirm it.
(message deleted)
6 years ago#7
wait is the watcher not meant to heal you? because going into healer mode when soloing makes no sense.
6 years ago#8
The pets are all poorly implemented unfortunately.

The Guardian is theoretically your soloing pet. It has lots of hit points and has something of a taunt effect. So he should be drawing a lot of the damage off of you. Problem is that his AI frequently breaks, and he just floats around doing nothing.

(Also, I have since tested the 'click for passive' function mentioned above, and it does not work. The pet's are ALWAYS set to assist you)

The Watcher pet is theoretically the pet you want to use when healing for a group. His heal helps a bit, but he doesn't have it if you summon him in damage role.

The Fury pet is theoretically the pet you would use if you are playing the damage role in a group. He does good damage, and if you summon him in damage role, he will use a weaker version of Soul Storm. Until the guardian gets fixed, this is probably your best choice for a soloing pet.

The biggest problem however is actually in the end-game. For reasons I do not understand in some of the hard alerts and raid situations, pets will die the instant they are summoned. They don't even take any damage, they just fall down and die immediately. You simply cannot use them. Even if your pet doesn't die to this weird bug, they are very fragile and will die quickly to the strong enemies you fight at that point.
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  3. ok how the hell do you make your sorcery pet fight?

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