Solo Guide for Beginners?

#1debedePosted 5/6/2012 12:30:34 PM
Are there any available?

I'm just starting out and found that the push seems to get to 30. Where I have grinded levels in other games killing things to made money like skinning, leathering it doesn't seem like I can do it here. The XP for offing random mobs is awful. Are there any soloers out there with tips? Are doing quests given by NPC the only way to level?
#2ymupamPosted 5/6/2012 3:22:29 PM

It's a good read for beginners.
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#3quincy2000aPosted 5/7/2012 5:30:36 PM
ymupam--that guide's not just good for beginners, it's good period. thanks!

to the OP--i'm not laughing at you, i'm laughing WITH you...

ahhh, i actually think fondly of the days i spent XPing/leveling while skinning and leather making my kills in some other MMORPGs. but i don't think you're gonna find that here. if you do, let ME know.

i'm a plodder by nature and didn't mind leveling a large portion of the time your--i mean, our-- way in other games. but even i felt like leveling characters without doing quests/missions in DCUO slower than doing it in FFXI. so, especially as a soloer, i recommend doing quests and missions to level. sorry.

this page may offer you some guidance.

good luck!
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#4ymupamPosted 5/8/2012 12:47:38 AM
Well, I requested a sticky a while back, but I guess it didn't get many votes.
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ina check it to.
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