What is the best Solo PVE build for actual version of game

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6 years ago#1
Iv seen other topics of this but it was when the game was in its beta stages, i am currently gadgets and duel swords and im starting to have alot of trouble now. So what is everyones view, Thanks.
6 years ago#2
Gadgets used to be amazing with all the debuffs, but now its....bleh. I think you would do the most out right damage with fire and 2 handed.
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6 years ago#3
Solo as in no alerts, PVP, or anything like that?

I dont think there is a best Solo build, Healing can keep you alive but you can be overwhelmed. Tanks can do pretty well (especially since they do pack individual healing moves), control can handle crowds but is lacking in defense. Personally, I'd just play with whats fun because you can always respec later. The real question is, what kinda gameplay do you want?
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6 years ago#4
Well iv been having trouble getting in alerts and arenas and im not all that good at asking for groups, i just want to be able to get through the quest/storyline without much trouble, i understand it may not all be possible solo but all up until a certain boss i found it soloable.
6 years ago#5
My main is Ice, I've used it since the beta started. Unless you get the healing super attacks we don't get any healing moves, which I think really sucks, so you can't really rely to much on healing with Ice.
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6 years ago#6
i'm no elite player or anything but i managed to do them all by myself dying maybe twice during the instances. any build should be viable, just pick the right powers. you can respec in your HQ.
6 years ago#7
The thing is Solo content isn't too hard, if you accept the fact that you will die sometimes. The only time I ever got stuck was when I was doing the scarecrow mission with a illusion/martial arts user in the beta but that was because I had no knowledge of Scarecrow or my moves. Ive rerolled him for the real game and found that Im not having the same troubles I used to.

I never played with the gadgets powers that got taken off in the beta so I didn't notice its decline. Gadgets were extremely fun because I got to be stealthy but there were times when my primary approach would be useless due to mobs of enemies. I still made it work and gadgets became my favorite in the beta.

Sorcery is my main character in the real game and I created her because my league didn't have a healer. I thought it might have been a mistake but it really wasn't. Since they took off the level cap Im able to remain near invincible with my layout (great for solo) but its made for group content.

I dont have much knowledge of tanks (save early ice) but I heard that fire is better than ice early on but ice becomes much better in the late levels. When I used my ice character (dual pistols) I found that it was decently tough but not outstanding. I really wanted to test out some other abilities but the beta ended and I didn't make a new Ice toon. Even though it wasn't as tough initially, I found a way to make it work.

Its really all about utilizing your powers and combos and finding out what works for you. There is no right or wrong because the game is pretty balanced and the solo content is diverse. If your having trouble here, level up there or respec. So I ask you again, what power do you think would be the most fun for you?
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6 years ago#8
Im just in the process of trying them all at the moment, i was just wondering what people used, or what people though, and i know im gonna die a few times i said that in the first post.
6 years ago#9
well if you want a proven build that works go nature/staff. use ivy pull, go into the staff combo tap/hold/hold/hold/hold, repeat. keep a heal and an oh-crap major heal on bar and you're golden.
6 years ago#10

My favorite is sorcery/rifle. Like I said, I heal pretty much every second. Sorcery is more health oriented than the nature tree (less damage but more survivability). I find that I use my weapon as my primary damage dealer but there is a lvl 16 power on the destiny tree that does major damage to enemies with 1/3 health or less.

The staff is pretty boring IMO and is more of a dominance weapon. It worked very well with my illusion build in the beta alongside Reflect Pain, mass hysteria, and mass terror. Although it does stunlock opponents and may be very useful to nature users, I just dont like it too much. Since nature is more damage oriented I am unsure about its survivability dealing with mobs. I guess I just dont like nature (was my very first build) so Im a bit bias.

I'll list what Ive used and my impressions.

Sorcery+Flight+Rifle- My very favorite, has a lot of survivability
Mental+Staff+Superspeed-Good for crowd control but has less survivability. Its very fun to use
Mental+MA+Acrobatics-very fun but not high enough level for good input
Fire+Rifle+Flight- Great at ranged attack, high damage, decent survivability
Fire+HB+Flight-Not as good for solo content but can prevent escapes in PvP better
Ice+DP+Accrobatics-Great pressure and ranged character, poor early survivability but its fluent
Nature+Bow+Flight- DIdn't really like it, it was good for PVP but I got mobbed once in PVE and litterally got stuck because the enemies would be at my spawn point. Its survivability is fare less than sorcery IMO.
Gadgets+DW+Acrobatics-loved it, great for PVE (save for mobs) and very fun to use. It one-shots some enemies and has a good high damaging area power (forgot name) that works because enemies in this game are kinda stupid. I did have trouble with Poison Ivy though so its not always useful.

Most powers have some sort of healing but it may not be as reliable as a healer so keep those two tidbits in mind.

Its most important to find your power and movement you want because you cant change those. You can always respec and use a different weapon (after a certain point you will invest in another weapon anyway for stats).
Don't try to be a great man, just be a man.
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