so my character is glitched and stuck inside a building...

#1ichilinkPosted 1/16/2011 5:03:54 PM
I tried reloading the game but he still spawns inside a building and can't get out. Anybody experience this or have advice on how to get out?
#2shadowhippo1986Posted 1/16/2011 5:04:58 PM
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#3zofinPosted 1/16/2011 5:05:08 PM
pause, go to the world map and at the bottom is a button that says "Warp HQ, it will take you to the sattelite/hall of doom from which you can roam free.
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#4Wh1plash187Posted 1/16/2011 5:05:15 PM
Try going to the map and warping to your nearest rally point. Works for me.
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#5MystOfAvalonPosted 1/16/2011 5:05:18 PM
Warp to a rally point. Go to your world map and select a warp.
#6ichilink(Topic Creator)Posted 1/16/2011 5:06:17 PM
great. I'll try that when the world is back up and running. thanks!
#7CthulhuDagonPosted 1/16/2011 5:06:28 PM
You can try going into the map and warping to HQ or Rally point.

I'm not sure if this command is in game, but it might be. Can try /stuck or /unstuck They *might* work since it's a common command in other MMOs.

It's been noted to not run into/fly into doors though, known issue.

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