How do you party up?

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User Info: Hydroponic

6 years ago#1
Hey everyone, new to MMO's. I am level 8 and I have been doing every "mission" solo. The quests where you beat up cops outside I run into parties and it's fun, but the missions where you enter buildings and warehouses I am always solo and it's not as fun. How do I party up for those missions? Do I just hang out outside and we enter at the same time?
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User Info: Pacmon_420

6 years ago#2
you need to group /invite name, if hit start you can go to the social tab and it will show who's near, you can also click their name in social tab to invite. I personally prefer to do those solo so I get the rare drops if they occur.

User Info: big_lo1836

6 years ago#3
I just hang around the entrance until someone comes up, then invite them to join my group.
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User Info: RW_Bear

6 years ago#4
is there a site that lists all the chat options? /group /versus /invite etc?

User Info: Hydroponic

6 years ago#5
Ok, thanks,

If anyone wants to party up, send me a friend invite.

PSN: DaPoonJaber
PSN: DaPoonJaber

User Info: radicalman7

6 years ago#6
I think there is a sticky for most of the commands and some other useful things on the official site

and for that particular question:
Shh just let it happen.

User Info: Various_Nef

6 years ago#7
I prefer to party down. :)
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