what setups have the highest dps?

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what setups have the highest dps?
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I am also interested in this.
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I'm thinking fire with some iconic powers mixed in...it has great AoE damage and I've heard it has some crazy combos...

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The #1 right now, and if you don't believe me you're free to try it yourself, is Sorc DPS using Weapons of Destiny. I find having a good balance between Might and DPS (Iconic Armor does a good job of this) is optimal, just apply and reapply WoD when it wears off and whack away with your weapon I guarantee you'll have crazy DPS. Oh and be sure to use Final Ruin when the target's health is below 35%. Enjoy!
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Every Power has roughly the same potential DPS in optimal situations (target not moving excessively and having a Controller in the group to restore Power consistently). But different Powers excel at different things. Fire is great at AoE but slightly behind on some single-target fights, Sorcery's Weapon of Destiny is good but has a short duration and the time you spend recasting is lost DPS compared to Powers that last longer and allow for more weapon hits. There are many different situations and different Powers come into play when faced with them, so just because a Power gets higher damage in one instance doesn't make it better than the others.

Picking something you are comfortable and skilled at using is going to make a much larger difference in overall DPS.

There are some basic principles to adhere to no matter what Power/Weapon you have:

- Realize that outside of Arena PvP, no one wants you. DPS is the most useless role in the game for groups. There are a few fights where putting out extra damage becomes useful, but never to the point where someone should build their character entirely around DPS. And even in Arena, a group with a Healer and Controller will beat a group of all DPS by simply outlasting them. However, IF you insist on being full DPS...

- When going for innate bonuses from weapon trees, ALWAYS go for Critical Attack Chance and Critical Attack Damage BEFORE going for Might. Critical Chance is not found on any gear, so getting it whenever possible is incredibly important. Also, critical damage scale better with your gear. This means that a %10 chance to get a critical hit is always a %10 chance, but that 60 Might you picked up means less at 30 then it does at lower levels. You will get enough Might and Precision from gear, focus on getting as much Critical Attack chance and Critical Damage as possible.

- Master your Combos. Depending on whether or not you can constantly restore Power your strategy radically changes. If you find yourself frequently without a Controller, you will be relying on Weapon combos and well-timed Power usage, so learn how to be a threat no matter what situation you are in.

- Take advantage of objects when possible. Picking things up can be awkward, but if you get good at it, objects do incredible amounts of damage, especially with the Super Strength ability. This is best done when an enemy is not focused on you as it is very easy for them to avoid thrown objects or to knock them out of your grasp.