Anybody get the 'detective' trench coat yet?

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5 years ago#1
So there are 3 trench coats that I am aware of. The default one, the 'gunslinger' one you can buy at the ring war vendor, and then there is one I just found out about.

I've heard you get it from completing the 'Gotham Central' collection. So has anybody gotten it yet? As much as I like the gunslinger coat it is a bit annoying seeing my female character's hair clip completely through the 'popped' collar. Also I'm not very fond of the undershirt that is worn with the trench coat and gunslinger trench coat but the detective one supposedly has a different style clothing for the male and female.

Well I guess I have a collection to find.
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5 years ago#2
i guess so.
5 years ago#3
I'm close to finishing that collection and eager to seeing what it looks like too. As you said, I don't like the undershirt on the regular trench coat. Just saw the gunslinger trench coat today but not really what I'm going for either.

If I finish it and get it I'll post a pic.... this guy on DCUO Source seems to have found a way to "farm collections" in Gotham. I'm gonna try it tonight and see if it helps me out any...
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5 years ago#4
Jabroni2000.......That website you posted helped.

I only have 1 more detective name to look for to complete the collection. But goddamn this sucks. I've been at it for hours. I've been circling about 2 blocks that I've noticed spawn question marks together very closely together and they often spam detective names. But it is REALLY frustrating getting the same 8 names that I already have but not the final one I need.

Is there some sort of 'trick' to this?
How do you tell if somebody is a zombie? Shoot them in the head! Because there is no other way to kill a zombie!
5 years ago#5
All I can recommend is try to go out and find ones that you haven't been to yet because I think they have a higher chance of giving you one you need. I can't prove that that's true but it's just a gut instinct from the few hours I spent last night doing it. My theory is that each question mark has a few different things it can drop each with a random percentage. So it's possible that you are just hitting question marks that aren't supposed to drop the one you need.

But I did get the trench coat last night :-) . Looks great, IMO. I can't get online now or I would post a pic but if you look at Commissioner Gordon you'll have an idea of what it looks like - cool collar and the shirt underneath has a tie on it.

Now I just need the fedora!
XBL: HardGoodbye88
5 years ago#6
^Just reread and saw you have a female character. No idea what that looks like! Could be completely different. Also I think the popped collar on the gunslinger one is slightly less pronounced on the detective one. You'll have to let me know though because I've only seen the gunslinger in photos.
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5 years ago#7
Jabroni2000.....I hope you know how lucky you are for finding all the names. I've been going for hours trying to find the last bastard's file. I have all the files except for the THIRD one. Who is that bastard? Do you remember how difficult it was to find it? Also yeah I've heard a fedora was in the game. Any idea where it could be?

I've spread my search in east end. I've tried just about EVERY piece of ground I could. Do I need to check out Burnley too?
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5 years ago#8
Just keep doing the East End circuit in Gotham. There is always one rare item in each collection that takes forever to find. I have it and it is just a trench coat with a shirt and a tie. Totally dumb and not worth it.
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5 years ago#9

Eh, well I've always been a fan of the 'noir' style so that's why I'm trying to get that coat for my character. And dear god I have ALWAYS hated my luck. I have completed six collections looking for that final name. SIX. How the hell rare is this name? Could you maybe give me the name of the 3rd file I'm looking for? I figure that only certain names will pop up in certain parts so I KNOW that the final one is not at the light house or anywhere around it. And I've searched to death all around the police station so I'm trying a different area.

And I kid you not I have started and completed 6 collections since I've been looking for that ONE name. Also is there any input on where to find that fedora?
How do you tell if somebody is a zombie? Shoot them in the head! Because there is no other way to kill a zombie!
5 years ago#10

^There's my guy with the Detective Trench and the Fedora. Looks awesome IMO.

I seem to recall looking mostly around the East End. It's possible I drifted a bit out of that specific area. One website said the collection could be found in East End/Burnley. So it's possible you might need to go there.

I wouldn't rule any area out. Nobody is really sure how collections work at this point. For weeks people thought you could only get things from one specific location much like briefings/investigations. And the last piece I found was at a question mark I had been to before.

The Fedora is available through a briefing that is contained entirely within two instances. One is the Special Crimes Unit and the other is the Regal Hotel where you fight Joker/Batman. There are 3 in each one. One is in plain sight in the SCU and the other 2 you'll have to climb/fly up walls to find them. For the regal hotel, all 3 should be easily spotted and there are 2 in the final room. These missions happen at level 15 but they can only be entered if you are a Tech hero/villain - or have a Tech hero/villain friend who's willing to let you tag along.
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