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5 years ago#1
I also posted this on the DCUO forums, yet I didn't get any response. Since I heard that nature is popular for their healing I decided to go nature. I looked all around the DCUO forums and I found that lots of things are recommended. Yet I didn't find anything that just resembles a build for skills and what weapons to take.
Now I know that most people say... well anything is fine, just experiment. Yet I just want to follow a skill build by the level so I can reflect on it afterwards. Does anyone HAVE such a build?
5 years ago#2
Oy, there's actually a lot of builds, and depends on what you're going for.

If you want to heal randoms (healing outside of group), Savage Growth, Bloom, and Cross Pollination do that. CP is good for big fights like harder bounties (e.g. Killer Frost) where there's lots of people. Bloom is better used if you're in Insectoid/Bug Form, or simply have a flyer. Fly over everyone else to cast it. 3-second cast time that is interruptable, but useful when done well. Savage Growth is spammable.

If you want to go pure healing build and get all the heal skills, you can stack Pheromones. Savage Growth, Metabolism, Bloom, Cross Pollination. If you stack all four and then use Blossom, BIG HEAL.

Standard healing is Metabolism then Blossom. Roar is also useful as it's AoE, stuns, and heals. Bloom is situational due to its cast time. CP is good for Raids.

Regeneration is fantastic, but it's mostly a panic Power, IMO. You don't need to use it unless you're in danger of a wipe.

Hive Mind in combination with anything is fantastic. I don't use it much, though (see below).

Swarm Shield is apparently godly, but I personally never use it. I haven't done any Duos, Alerts, nor Raids though.

If you go hybrid mode and pick up Gorilla and/or Wolf, then you'll have to skip out on "pure healer." Gorilla makes a great tank, and sort of an "oh snap" form.

If you have Bug form, you can choose to stay in Bug form and put a Power in place of the Revert Form, or you can do some quick-switching. With quick-switching, you mainly stay in Bug form, but switch back to human for extra skills. This works well for when you use Pheromone stacking build.

Pterosaur is very useful for the power regen.

I've been respec'ing a lot, so my build hasn't been the same for a while. I'm still trying everything out to see what fits every situation. I like healing randoms, so I pick up all the heals. What I generally stick with:

In Plants I have Vine Lash, Blossom, Savage Growth, Bloom, Cross Pollination. In Shapeshifting, I have Roar, Metabolism, Pterosaur, Insectoid, Regeneration, Hive Mind, Gorilla, Swarm Shield, the two healing Iconics.

I get Roar and Metabolism first, then Vine Lash and Blossom. Then SG, Pterosaur, Bug, and whatever after since I rarely use other skills. I'll generally get Bloom and CP next for the randoms-healing thing. Regeneration is good for when you solo in healer form, since you'll need it when you're dying and want to run away. (BTW, I have Acro) Gorilla is really fun to use, and is also good for survival purposes; probably better than Regeneration when you're in trouble but not really dying.

I never use Damage stance. Healer stance I have Regeneration, Hive Mind, Swarm Shield or Roar, Gorilla, Insectoid, Pterosaur. Insectoid stance I have Bloom, Savage Growth, Metabolism, Cross Pollination, Revert Form, Blossom. Again, I've not done any Duos, Alerts, nor Raids so my build may or may not work (for me and my mates) when I finally do them.

Weapon, I picked Bow (my fav weapon type) and used it for a while (spammed Flurry Shot) until I got all my Powers and constantly stay in Bug form, which means I essentially use Hand Blasters. I use my SP for passives, so I don't have much for weapon combos. In Bug form I just spam the pulse attack (Fury: /\, Hold /\) , and the SG attack (Overgrowth, Hold []) when in crowds.

I don't fret much with which stuff I get since respeccing is easy. You don't have to worry too much. Just follow a build, if you don't like it try something else, mix it up, etc etc.
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5 years ago#3
I use the same exact build and the post above pretty much covers it.
5 years ago#4
Seems nice, but I am sorry to ask, do you have any lvl by lvl build? Like what you started with. Power at lvl 1, skill at lvl 1 etc ;)
5 years ago#5
Not really, as I said, I respec a lot and pretty much everyone else fiddles around too. It also depends on how many Feats you do for extra SP, and which weapon you choose, whether or not you want combos or just passives.

What kind of build do you want? Pure healer (Phero-stacking, buffer, ...?), hybrid DPS (Plant, Shapeshifter, both?), ...? In general for weapons, if you want combos, just go down the line. If you want passives do the same to open them up. It's common to respec at lv 22 since that's when the passive Iconics open. You can respec at lv 12/16 too since tier 4 and 5 open up then. I don't think you'd need to respec at level 8, unless you wanted more Movement skills at lv 9.

The following YT user has videos of all the weapon combos. They all start with "DC Universe Online Beta - "

The following topic has great tips for a general way of playing:
Demon's & Dark Souls calcs:
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