Nature DPS, a question about swarm, and general discussion

#1ArvandorPosted 1/16/2012 2:23:29 PM
So, I haven't bothered to try out Swarm, as no one has really said anything good about it, but I'm wondering why that is? I may try it out, but I'm too lazy to respec right now.

Currently, my loadout is vine lash, harvest, carnage, briar, impaling thorns, and rampage.

I use lots of briar, and then harvest to spread the poison. If there's things that'll live long enough, I'll use vines and briar then spread with harvest. You can use harvest on things you've spread poisons to, to re-spread the poisons. Good to keep the damage going, or leap-frog poisons around, depending on how enemies are situated.

On bosses or burn phases, I'll do rampage + trinket, throw up vine lash, then do briar + carnage (you can cancel briar into carnage and skip briar animation,) and weapon combo until the poisons run out, then reapply poisons, and depending on power, use impaling thorns for the 50% damage boost, then go back to weapon combos. Once the boss is down into the critical health range (< 35%,) just stick with impaling thorns and weapon combo.

I've been thinking of trying to fit roar in there for AoE on enemies that die too fast for poison spread *cough A51 T1 cough* Or possibly swarm... But I have no idea what swarm does or how it behaves... so... I dunno =P
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#2Arvandor(Topic Creator)Posted 1/16/2012 6:38:41 PM
Ok, so I've switched from carnage to hive mind. It's better for anytime you don't have a nature healer to provide hive mind for you. Even in raiding, or if you have another nature player with it, you might be better off just timing it to keep hive mind up all the time, instead of having both hive mind and carnage. I dunno, there isn't much by way of theorycrafting in this game, but from what I can tell, I definitely get more of a damage boost overall from hive-mind than carnage, and it's much more... consistent. Benefits your party more too I think.

Also, from everything I can tell... insect swarm does... NOTHING. It's like broken or something. I dunno. No wonder no one uses it or talks about it.

Oh, and stupid me, I only just now noticed briar gives the same 50% damage buff impaling thorns does... Which means impaling is dropped from my rotation except for the last 35% of bosses (or high health dangerous targets.) Still worth having though. Wish it had some cone AoE like roar or something.
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#3SnakeSoldier187Posted 1/16/2012 7:48:11 PM

cool, i've never known much about nature dps. it seems like nature dps is one of the rarest dps you see. do you think the primal wolf and gorilla forms are useful in alerts and raids?

#4MercuryPSPPosted 1/16/2012 9:00:34 PM
Swarm has been useless since launch and probably will continue to be, even after all pets got a's still garbage. If you have been playing for a while you might have gotten a death blossom which has gotten a very nice buff. I use that on my main nature healer. As for DPS loadout, I suggest in order of attacking: vine lash, (pull em towards you+DOT), savage growth(kick em back+DOT), THEN briar (another DOT), thorn shield is a much more reliable way to spread the poison as it is non-interuptable, (you can use it even while stunned). Then carnage or hive mind for extra damage. I am very fond of canine form, even in DPS, it will still allow you to break out of control effects and almost heal yourself full with the metabolism ability while transformed.

Just some tips from a vet nature user, although mainly a healer, take it for what you will.
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#5NotRoesiaPosted 1/17/2012 1:13:19 AM
I'm using Briar,Impaling thorn, Harvest, Savage Growth, Carnage, Rampage

I'm stacking prec and gettin might as it comes so maybe that's why I fell stronger with carnage than hive. Only time I can tell hive it's up is when my thorn crits for 3k rather than the normal 2k-2.5k
#6Arvandor(Topic Creator)Posted 1/20/2012 1:25:40 PM
I don't like primal wolf form for alerts and raids, and even in solo challenges and duos I don't really use it at all. I've heard good things about Gorilla form outside of raiding, but haven't really played around with it myself. Canine form definitely has its uses, especially outside alerts and raids.

Same with thorn shield. It's a quick way of spreading poisons, sure, but it requires you being close, which I prefer not to do in HA's or raids. So I tend to stick with harvest. Guess you could throw it up for solo content or duos, but meh.

Actually, guess I wasn't as late to discover nature's awesome dps as I thought. Went to the official PS3 forums once by accident (usually hang around the PC ones,) and it seems to get much more traffic, and everyone talks about nature and fire dps, instead of fire and sorcery for some reason. So yeah, I'm not crazy, nature is definitely up there.
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