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6 years ago#1
Do we know if the PS3 and PC will play on the same server as did FF? If not that's kind of a downer, i would expect the population to be low on the PS3 servers, but I hope not.
6 years ago#2
I think they'll be separate servers, because if this game is like a traditional mmo, then the many hot keys would give the pc user an advantage.
6 years ago#3
True but they could probably sell a USB keyboard and mouse with the game. For those that prefer that option.
6 years ago#4
Careful... flames can get hot around here... ;)

The servers will not be merged together at launch, while we can keep hope for it in the future the future, I see this as unlikely.
6 years ago#5
K thanks for the response guys. Hope to see you all on there.
6 years ago#6
Our most current information is that the PS3 and PC servers will be seperate. However, I imagine this will probably change quickly if populations aren't what the developers expect.
6 years ago#7
i think they seperated the servers because of cash transaction systems (PS3 has their own revenue streams built in for easy purchase, pc doesn't work the same way).
6 years ago#8
They said they did it to keep it balanced. But the odd thing is ps3 will have keyboard and mouse support, and pc will have gamepad support. So thier reasoning makes no sense.
6 years ago#9
I always have trouble believing it was really the balance issue, which why I always mention the unified account systems on the board. SOE and PSN are different, it would be too much trouble for Sony to unify SOE and PSN for one game. FFXIV of course will need you to create a Square Enix account because's SE. With one account it's easier to cross servers even if it's a pseudo-sub account under something like PSN and Live. FFXI requires a separate account for Live
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6 years ago#10
Just cause they support keyboard and controller, it still wouldnt be fair to people who either can't afford / don't want to buy the other one.

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