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6 years ago#1
I am currently playing a Fire power & dual pistol build. I am doing well in pve and ok in pvp. However I freel like I have the useful powers on my hotbar and don't know what else to place my power points and skills into for pvp.
Currently I'm going immolation. I have: immolation, flashpoint, meteor, consume object, reignition, and fiery weapon.
Skill point: slip shot, lunge, full auto, jump shot, magnum, +crit, +might.

Are there any recommendations what to put points into. And what powers are great to have on hotbar?
6 years ago#2
Whatever you want? What's the point of everyone using the exact same thing? There's no "this is the best so use this or you suck"....
6 years ago#3
Yea but there are moves that compliment eachothers well, some that really aren't worth it etc. Just trying to get opinion on what powers would compliment eachothers well with the build.
6 years ago#4
Consume OBject doesn't heal anymore, so i'd suggest swapping that out for Inferno. Best AoE that Immo has and it also adds more healing to Reignition. I'd also suggest that knockup move that heals which uses the Supercharge meter(Can't think of name), take Flashpoint oout for it, since Flashpoint is pretty much just a slightly more damaging version of the aforementioned power with no heal, which is redundant because you already have Inferno. Just my opinion.
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