another mic problem.

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6 years ago#1
ok so i understand to use the mic in game you have to be in a group or league. the problem im having is i can hear my friends but for some reason they cant hear me. anyone experience this or is my mic broken? something i might be missing?
6 years ago#2
No probably just because PS3 voice chat is horrendous due to allowing all kinds of 3rd party headsets. Have you tried a private chat on the XMB? See if it works there.
6 years ago#3
well ive had it work on other games in the past like resistance 2 and Resident evil
6 years ago#4
get the turtle beach head sets they are so great
6 years ago#5

The game DOES have some mic issues. if you dont see your mic icon next to your name, chances are its not working. Your best bet is to quit the game to the XMB, turn on your mic, make SURE its on THEN load the game. Fixes the issue...half the time...

6 years ago#6
XMB? Whats that?
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6 years ago#7
Its not your mic its the game, I thought they would have fixed this before retail version but anyhoo, you have to log out and log back in
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6 years ago#8

XMB is the X Media Bar, which is your PS3 home, what you get when you first start the PS3, the main menu so to speak. So basically if your mic isn't working in game, hold the PS3 controller home button, choose quit game, turn off your mic, then back on, then start the game.

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