LEGENDS: PVP. why cant i play?

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5 years ago#1
i cant choose a single character for legends pvp... how do i unlock them? my character is level 8.
5 years ago#2
you should have a message unlocking harley quinn. Don't worry she is horrible and you have been saved some agrivation
5 years ago#3
I got one unlocking batman... and I want harley quinn! I'm a villain.. it's weird that I got batman.

I also got a batarang... im so confused
In a perfect world, you and I probably wouldn't exist, so let's not hope for one.
5 years ago#4
check your inventory, you should have received an item to unlock your 1st character.
5 years ago#5
Can someone help me out to please in my inventory or mail there isn't any cards for me to play with batman for arkham asylum and other stuff can someone please help me out how to get one, and im level 12 so i should get one
5 years ago#6
Go to your mail and accept what is in the attachment and then check your inventory for a certain item. It starts with a E I believe. Just do that and then after you unlock your character you have to join a queue. Just join the queue and go and do missions and a alert should pop up in the middle of the screen asking you to join.
5 years ago#7
There is nothing in my mail, and on top of that i have no mail because i have emptied all of it contents of its items and everything just didnt seem to get a card :(
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