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6 years ago#1
This is to get either verification or correction on information on tokens and a few other aspects of the game that have to do with them. i am a lvl 30 hero. so far i have come across a few different forms of token;

1. Mark of Distinction, white wings. i don't know how to buy or earn these.

2. Mark of Allegiance, red wings earned by completing missions that are available at various watchtower computers after reaching lvl 30.

3. Mark of Triumph, white wings, these can be bought for 10 Mark of Allegiance. Also can be earned by completing lvl 30 missions that are unlocked by completing the regular missions that you play all along.

4. Mark of Victory, gold 1, i dont know how to buy or earns these.

5. Mark of Legend, gold wings. earned through legends quests to unlock more legends.

(6. Influence, skulls, i dont know how to earn buy or raise this.)

These are all the tokens i have seen. now for the uses of each token;

In the watchtower different armors that have their corresponding hero standing next to them will need either, Mark of Triumph, Distinction, or Victory. These armors are faction specific, in other words, you need to be mentored by Batman to get Robin's battle armor or Superman to get Flash's or Wonder Woman to get Aquaman's.

The vendors in the watchtower will require Mark of Allegiance, these are not faction specific but do require your renown to be above neutral with whichever faction the vendor is in.

The influence value, is in the vendor on Earth, idk metropolis but in Gotham its Diamond District police dept. If sum1 would be kind enough to tell me how to get this up to 250, i would appreciate it. The weapons they sell are lvl 24, useless to me since all i have now are lvl 27+ gear n weapons but i would still like to know how to get the skulls.

My friends and I also can't seem to team up to do the missions that reward you with Mark of Allegiance, we have come to the conclusion that those missions are "challenge" versions of previous boss fights that can only be played solo, if any1 can confirm or deny this, it would be appreciated.

If anyone sees anything wrong with this or is able to fill in the parts that i said i don't know, please do correct or inform me, the help would be greatly appreciated.
6 years ago#2
Anything, no one knows?
6 years ago#3
Influence the easiest way to get it is to just do pvp arenas either normal arena or legends. you get 1 influence point per kill you get and if you win you get close to 30 but only 25 if you lose.
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6 years ago#4
thank you for that Shadowmoon30, anyone have any info on the other points of the topic?
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