Help: Break Circe's hold over Aquaman?

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6 years ago#1

Ok, I'm sure there is a simple answer that is going to make me feel dumb, but I just couldn't figure this one out: How do I break Circe's hold over Aquaman?

I get to the point where Aquaman stops fighting, Martian Manhunter disappeared, and Circe is standing in her red, sheild bubble. Then what am I supposed to do?

Help please?

6 years ago#2
Forget about it because no one cares about Aquaman. There's a reason why he's the brunt of so many a joke. =P

j/k I'm afraid I do not know how to help on this one.
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6 years ago#3
Have you gotten past that yet because I'm stuck in the same spot as you are. I'm clueless as to what to do now =/
6 years ago#4
you just gotta keep fighting. it'll end after about 3 rounds. i just beat it
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6 years ago#5
Right after the Brine Hulks and Martian Manhunter disappears, Arthur and Mera just stand there doing nothing...
6 years ago#6

I had to log out and try again later. It wasn't a matter of keep on fighting - both Circe and Aquaman stopped fighting after the first round of sea creatures - both just stood there doing nothing, nobody attacking anybody. I wasn't losing, but I couldn't win and move on either.

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