Defense vs Toughness

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6 years ago#1
Does anybody know what the stats mean? All of them would be nice. I just want to know what stats effect what so I can know what gear stats to go after.
6 years ago#2
Defense =PVE
Toughness = PVP

Same thing, different purposes.
6 years ago#3
Is there anywhere I can go 2 read up on all the different stats?
6 years ago#4
Bring up your stats screen and move the cursor over to them. You can then check them out and see what they mean.
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6 years ago#5
open the inventory screen, hit R1 to go the the stats page, highlight a stat and hit X to see a description defense reduces dmg taken from npc's while toughness reduces dmg taken from other players
6 years ago#6
thanks. was thumbing around online u can go hear aswell
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