How do you get better gear? after lvl 30?

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6 years ago#1
Dang I've been doing this for weeks now and I still can't get any good gear. I mean I run in and fight people, but I can't seem to beat anything like smallville or any of the other maps like prison break or prince Ulgo. Dangit I need assistance
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6 years ago#2
Are you doing solo challenges every day? Are you doing the duos as well? Work on the small things first and get good gear from these quests. It's really the best way to prepare (and show other players that you know what you're doing) for hard alerts, 8 person raids, and arenas.
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6 years ago#3
Also, you can do the Legends:PvP to get influence so you can buy some decent level 30 gear to start with. There are a couple vending machines in the reactor room on the Watchtower where you can purchase it. .

Then, it is all about earning your marks for the really nice stuff.
6 years ago#4

this has also confused me. If im not mistaken...venders like lex luther mech guy in midtown nightclub...he takes influence to buy stuff? which im not sure how you even obtain really. Then theres the marks u get from raids and stuff to get the armors in the glass cases. I assume i do quests for that faction to get influence like the green lanterns for example but I dont see any quests for them after their story line

6 years ago#5
The kiosk quests:"challenges", are meant for renown(?) and alliance marks that get you decent gear and feats for maxing out renown
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6 years ago#6
Start doing a load of PVP to buy some PVP gear, Start running Duos to get PVE gear.
6 years ago#7
Err, to tc, smallville is easier with 1 controller until doomsday, then you have the run n gun tactics, where whoever gets aggro from dd runs around while everyone else does ranged atks, unless you have a godly tank who wont die in 3 hits
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