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5 years ago#1
I saw a post in some other forum which actually had weapon DPS numbers for the different weapons... but it was from early 2011.

Is there anything recent? I'd like to have my character do as much DPS as possible, but it seems like even a basic amount of hard data out there is really lacking.

I'd be interested in what the most DPS is as far as both powers and weapons.

BTW, what's best for AoE?
5 years ago#2
im a fire dps and love it, i am capable of doing quite a bit of dmg and have great AOE, i dont know if fire is the best cause i have not tried others as far as 30, i hear elec is currently overpowered though
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5 years ago#3
at the moment electricity is the FotM, but I believe each power if played right are capable of doing similar amount of damage. However, this capability is differ via situations.
some powers are better at single target spikes and some are better at dealing mass AoE damage.
5 years ago#4
just to add. i played with a lightning dps last night (probably a respec'ed).
he seems to do well and clear trashes fast, but at bosses, he was pretty useless and it was a pain to keep his power up.

however, I am impressed that a dps actually did more damage than me by about 30-50k (that is maybe 30-40% more than me) but that still doesn't amount to my usual 200-300% more than the next one down when I dps as light and on the same map.
5 years ago#5
hey fred u sem to be a dps expert, im just curious what is considered good dps in t2 content if that can be answered? i guess it depends on the grp but sometimes i have more then 90k more dmg then the rest(alerts) and sometimes i may have beaten the cont by 30-40k(is that considered good? cause if im only ahead by 30k or so i figured i sucked that instance? im just really getting into things so just wondering
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5 years ago#6
i think in normal t2 alert you should definitely aim to do about 100-120K+ of damage if you are in the dps role. I did about the same with my t2 dps gear. thing is, if you done considerably more damage your next one down is bound to do a lot less :)

PS. I now have some MoM gears and T2.5 gears from FoS raids and my league had recognised me as a fine dps for future fos raids. (I was new'ish to the league and there weren't sure)

i run some with my league mates who are tanks and controllers and both with t2.5 some t3 stuff now. I still out damage them by loads whenever i take on the dps role.

for dps role (unlike other roles) you actually need considerable amounts of skill points to be super effective. I have 70 and got all crit chance and crit damage along with some +might.

one thing to note is what you spec into depends on your play style. ie. electricity would like to spec into more might and % crit because that is their main source of damage while light users would spec into % crit and % crit damage because their power along doesn't do that much damage (except for supercharges) and they are mostly dependent on precision.
5 years ago#7
i am still trying to improve my play style to improve my dps though :S

btw, sometimes it might not be your fault that your damage isn't that far ahead. it can simply because they have better gears, more skill points or spec'ed as dps.

you should never feel bad unless you do similar or less damage than your controller or tank. either way, at least it shows you have room for improvements :)
5 years ago#8
I was told this:

Good DPS are top of meters
Great DPS double the tanks damage
Awesome DPS have more damage than the troll,tank,healer have combine

Don't know how true that is. But that could be a template to aim for.
5 years ago#9
well i have t2 gear and i guess a couple t2.5 from t2 alerts and i have 55 sps atm. i have crit chance crit attk maxed out in all the cats at the bottom and now working on might. It sometimes depends where i am too if i am in a alert like oan or loa where i can get groups together easy i have done 175-200k+ but in more wide open alerts like batcave outer or like places where getting groups of mobs is not as common i do about 125-160k it seems. I have only tried FOS 1 once so far in a pug and we did not make it past the 1st boss but i was on top of the board with well over 2ook by that point and is saw alot of ppl getting kicked between then and i was so scared id be kicked eventually but the grp just ended after 4 wipes on the 1st boss
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5 years ago#10
Another thing to consider is there's only so much damage you can possibly do in an Alert or Raid, so as long as you're dealing out damage quickly and effectively you should be good. It's hard to judge based strictly on damage considering some may have fought a boss twice, leading to an increase in damage from that particular instance.

People also seem to forget that DPS powers have role specific effects, just like a healer or tank. Use these to build up the teams damage output as well as your own.

Your overall effectiveness should be weighted by the combination of damage out and power in, keep damage up and don't waste a ton of power. This takes stress off the controller obviously, leading to a more equal amout of power for the team as a whole.
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