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5 years ago#1
What is R & D?

Research & Development is the in game method of creating these modifications (mods) to bind onto your gear improving each piece that you modify.

Each piece of gear you can equip now has a color-coded "socket" associated with it. It's basically a way of adding a modification of your choice onto that piece of gear to improve specific stats.

As stated above each socket associated with a piece of gear is color coded (either red, yellow, or blue). The modifications you create also have a color (red, yellow, or blue and purple, green or orange) associated with them as well. Any modification of any color can be placed into the any colored socket, but if you match the colors up you not only get the stat increase associated with the mod you created, you also get an additional affinity bonus (extra stat increase) which is listed at the bottom of each piece of gear's description.

Getting an R & D plan:

To create a modification you need various items. The first thing you will need is an R&D Plan. R&D plans are given to you by your mentor, they an be bought at the R&D vendor for cash with cash and marks, and the rest (and best) plans drop from boss fights in various instances.

Once you have an R&D plan you can check it for the items that you need to gather to create your mod. The first items you will need are exobits. They are colored yellow for the Support Exobits, Red for Aggressive Exobits, and Blue for Fortified Exobits. These can be farmed in open world and certain instances, by searching the locations that existing collections spawn. They look like a round gear type symbol which glow with a rainbow colored energy and give off a distinct humming noise, similar to the way collections do, but at a different pitch.

These exobits can be combined to form Exobytes of the same color. It takes 8 exobits of one color to make 1 exobyte of that same color. You can create Red, Yellow, and Blue exobytes from these exobits. Additionally there are Purple, Orange, and Green Exobytes that be created by combining 4 exobits of one color, with 4 exobits of another color. Clicking on each exobyte gives a description and quantity of the exobits needed to create it. Exobytes can be created by going to the R&D terminal, scrolling down to the name of exobyte you want to create, then selecting it with X and creating the item with Square. It will then place the exobyte into your inventory. Exobytes are stackable up to 16 sort of like colas stack up to 12 in one inventory slot.

You may also need other white colored materials called Simple Materials, Complex Materials, Focusing Elements and various other Beta named items. Materials and Elements can be created by salvaging green, blue, and purple gear/weapon drops at the R&D terminals.
5 years ago#2
Creating the modification

Once you have all of the exobytes, and materials, and the appropriate quantities of each needed to create a mod, go to the R&D terminal, scroll down to the R&D plan of the mod you want to create, select it with X and if you have all the material necesary it will list them to the right in white with your total quantity listed (if you don't that item will be listed in red and show you the quantity you have versus what you need). Assuming you have everything, then click square to create the mod.

The mod will be placed into your inventory automatically. If you want to place the mod onto a piece of gear you currently have equipped, then you will need to unequip the item, choose the mod with the X button, and the move it on to the top of they equip you want to bind it to and the press either X or Square. Once the mod is bound to the item you can re-equip it, and your stat boost will be listed in green, and if you matched the mod color with the socket color you additional affinity bonus stats will be listed at the bottom of the gears item description along with the increase to the item level that your mod gave that piece of gear (adding mods increases your items level, which could increase your overall combat rating).

Mod colors and affinity

Mods color coded purple, green, or orange will add an affinity stat bonus when they are placed into a scoket color coded with one of the two primary colors of exobits/exobytes that were used to create them. For instance a green colored mod can be placed in either a yellow or blue socket for the bonus (yellow exobits + blue exobits= green exobits or a green mod). Orange coded mods can be placed in a red socket or yellow socket (red exobits + yellow exobits= orange exobits or orange mod). Purple coded mods can be placed in a red socket or blue socket for the stat bonus (red + blue= purple). Just like any of the primary colored mods these mods can be placed in any socket as well, but wont grant the affinity bonus if it is not a socket color coded by one of the two primary colors that make up that mod.

Can I just sell the materials raw?

All R&D Plans, materials, and exobits/exobytes are sellable, tradeable, and auctionable. Once you have found an R&D plan and equip it you have "learned" that plan, and can craft the modification from that plan as many times as you can collect the materials necessary to make it. You do not need the same R&D Plan more than once, so it benefits you to give a duplicate plan to a leaguemate, or trade it, or sell/auction it off. The more difficult the instance you are farming the better the plan drops will be.

Anything outside of gear that can be crafted??

There are some addtional consumables that you can craft such as role specific soder colas. They are created the same way that mods are, except they also require you to add soder colas to your recipe in order to craft them. These enhanced soder colas give you multiple stat boosts over a 30 minute period on top of the instant health and power boost that a normal soder cola provides. These colas do not stack, so each one must be equipped and consumed individually during a fight.

There are additional plans for sale in Central City at the Quick Lee vendor. These mods create consumables that grant you superspeed movement for a few minutes, or charge your toon so that objects around it explode for a short period of time.

All credit due to Artic Titan of Absolute Justice.
5 years ago#3
MGO=Flash/Asian Love (broke the MGO addiction) I play majority fightn games
5 years ago#4
i still dont understand the green, orange and purple?

are there plans for them? do they even need plans...

thats what i mean im /confused
5 years ago#5
i still dont understand the green, orange and purple?

To make a green, purple or orange exobit you simply take four of one color and combine it with four of another color then you will get that combined color's exobyte.

For example. I want a purple exobyte. To make one it would need:

4 blue exobits
4 red exobits

After combining them it becomes a purple exobyte.

Also, when you combine four blue and four yellow exobits, you get a green exobyte. You can then put that green exobyte into a slot that calls for either a blue or a yellow and get the affinity bonus.

Think of the orange, purple, and green exobytes as a higher tier of exobytes than the blue, red, and yellow ones.
5 years ago#6
so say you have a health plan... which requirest a blue exo..

you can use either a purple or green in creating the gem from the plan?
5 years ago#7
so say you have a health plan... which requirest a blue exo..

you can use either a purple or green in creating the gem from the plan?

5 years ago#8
your going to hate me...

ok say its a "I" and it needs 3 say blue....

can i use 2 blue and a purple?

and just to clarify, if you use one of the off colors... of the same primary color, you WILL get the afinity bonus?

so basically, these are just used if you can make a all blue? like if you have a ton of reds and yellows and need a blue exo?

or is there another bonus to using them?
5 years ago#9
Vegetall posted...
so say you have a health plan... which requirest a blue exo..

you can use either a purple or green in creating the gem from the plan?

The purple, green, and orange bytes are used in plans that boost more than 1 stat (i.e. - precision = red, dominance = blue; Type I precision & dominance plan = purple).
(message deleted)
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