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How is the online? (Archived)noradaron34/22/2010
This is a prequel to Resistance 2, right? (Archived)Drophyd167b34/16/2010
I'm gonna try to stay calm, even though this is starting to *** me off. (Archived)Resistance_Kid44/1/2010
ouija I saw uuu (Archived)Resistance_Kid34/1/2010
Another Hacker... This sucks now (Archived)Resistance_Kid93/31/2010
a small help (Archived)ThisNub23/30/2010
is this game popular? strong online community? (Archived)ToastyAnakin103/28/2010
I have a feeling that my Containment partner was a hacker... (Archived)Resistance_Kid13/5/2010
is this game good? (Archived)
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This is making me very very angry now (Archived)Resistance_Kid33/4/2010
Should I get this? (Archived)dongabilondo73/4/2010
Quick Question (Archived)gamenerd7423/3/2010
now thats a sphincter door.... (Archived)BigTee6632/25/2010
Resistance Retribution Plus Mode (Archived)Doortodarkness422/24/2010
Most hated (and liked) Chimera (Archived)
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What is the music in the background of the early concept trailer? (Archived)LEZARFD2K732/18/2010
Why did you lock the topic, Raider? (Archived)
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Where are the 3 Clovens in Casemates? (Archived)
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so, how good do you think you are online? Im not looking for matches. (Archived)
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favorite quote from the game? (Archived)
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