Salamander Badges?

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8 years ago#1
Ok so I've collected 16 salamander badges by the time I've met up with Leuvarden in Ch2. Everyone keeps saying he buys them but there is no dialogue option for it (beyond the "give me 3" quest) and even when trading with him, he won't buy them. Should I just throw them away?
8 years ago#2
Yup, they are a big tease for orens throughout the chapter. I never found another merchant willing to buy them.
8 years ago#3
The only other person who bought some was the Messenger at the Hairy Bear, but that's before you get to Leuvaarden. Other than that, there's no use for them.
8 years ago#4
Who buys trophies in Ch2? Like spare Barghest heads and all.
8 years ago#5
You have to get the messenger drunk before he'll buy them. Share a couple drinks with him and you'll get the dialogue option for it.
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8 years ago#6
I'm not sure if anyone buys barghest heads after Abigail in ch 1, but be SURE to hang on to at least one beast fang, store one in the inn, just trust me on that.

Back to barghest heads, f you hold onto them...


If you sided with Abigail in ch 1, she returns in ch 4, and you may be able to sell them to her then.
8 years ago#7
I think I pissed the messenger off...does he ever come back after you meet him the first time?
8 years ago#8
Nope, that messenger is gone for good.
8 years ago#9
ah the trash the badges go

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