Non Native Screen Resolution question

#1funkydude31Posted 9/7/2010 11:39:24 AM

Well this board is pretty dead but I got a quick question. I got a LCD monitor, 20" with normal resolution being 1600X900. Ive read a few things online that suggest playing in windowed mode, also read a few things saying to fix the weird "stuttering issue" you can play around with the resolution's. It seems every time I change from native resolution size, after like 15minutes i get the "the witcher has stopped working" and then it shuts down. Anyone hear anything like this before happening, right now plaing on my native resolution keeps the game running, but since its in windowed mode sometimes dialogue options or buttons at the very bottom are hidden by my task bar so a smaller resolution seemed to fix the stuttering, but again, it crashes.


Oh, and ive seen the most common resolution people have mentioned being either 12**X768 i believe...i know its a weird combo of numbers like that but ive seen it on a couple of posts while surfing.

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funkydude31 posted...

I got a LCD monitor, 20" with normal resolution being 1600X900. Ive read a few things online that suggest playing in windowed mode

I use a LCD monitor, 19" with native resolution being 1440x900. I've never read anything suggesting playing The Witcher in windowed mode. I have never played The Witcher in windowed mode.

So it crashes when you play the game in full screen?

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Pretty much every technical site Ive visited someone says playing in windowed mode is basically the best thing you can do for the game. I play in windowed, native resolution 1600x900 and it runs, but again the stuttering issue is really bad, it especially seems to happen after like 30min of play...idk what it is. Have tried, windowed, windowed different resolutions(but again, after like 10min it crashes on anything other than native so far), tried triple buff+Vsync, messed around with all the settings. Checked my task manager the thing uses barely anything to run it so its not like there are things running in the background, and again I overachieve all of the requirements.
The only thing i can think of is like people have said, the witcher only utilizes 1 core i guess, so even if you got a triple or quad core(i do), i guess the thing only uses 1core, so if you had less cores but higher numbers in each one, i guess that would help. This is why pc games frustrated the hell outta me, you get online and you see tons of other people having the same problems, and you have a million so called "fixes" but in reality no one knows what the hell is going on because every pc is different and there really couldn't be an answer all response. Its nuts stuttering issue witcher, or stuttering issue LOTRO you will get dozens of "fixes" when none actually do anything.

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Well what exactly are the specs of your computer? Which quad core (and at what speed) do you have, which graphics card is installed, what type of (and how much) memory do you have and which operating system are you running on?

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