FF15 - this generation or the next?

#1LonelyPrincePosted 12/17/2009 11:15:24 PM

What does everyone think - will FF15 be released on current gen systems or next gen systems? I personally believe that there's almost no way FF15 will come out for the 360 or PS3. I know on the PS2, there were three FF games (X, XI, and XII), but the development of newer final fantasies is going to be considerably longer than the development of those titles as the current gen-consoles (let alone next-gen consoles) demand more detail be put into every element of a game due to the clarity of HD and the consoles' relatively tremendous processing power that is just begging to be taken advantage of. After all, FFXIII took about six years to develop. That's insane. Development of FFXIII began three years before FFXII came out, meaning that, in all likelihood, FF15 is being developed at the moment. I wonder when we'll play it. 7 years?

#2zanaffar360Posted 12/17/2009 11:25:58 PM
They've got the game engine done for this gen so if they want FF 15 for this gen, it might happen as they will be able to develop FF 15 much quicker.
3 FF games for each gen might work in this gen as well since versus is on the way and if FF 15 comes out at the end of this gen.
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FF15 will come to the DS and Wii. Period.

Think of Dragon Quest IX and X.
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PS1 has VII VIII and IX.

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Square-Enix didnt take the time and money to develop a game engine only for 1 game imo.
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No the designed it for 3 + expansions for XIV.

FFXIII versus
FFXIV + Expansions
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#7AnimewarsPosted 12/18/2009 5:43:03 PM
But that doesn't mean the engine will only be used only for final fantasy. I can't count the number of games that take use of the unreal engine. Now I don't count 14 in the count due to how different they are. I count a core final fantasy game as one where its apart of the numbered system and its not an mmo. I think they should be able to push out another game before this generation is over. They did it with X and Xll.
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There's always three FF games per generation so yes, FF15 will be on PS3. Not sure about Xbox360 though - will depend entirely on sales of this game.
#9Krauser86Posted 12/20/2009 6:55:55 PM
I doubt FF15 will be on the 360.

Let's be completely honest here, although I'm not bothered that the 360 kinda hindered the graphics and space of FF13.... Square are going to want to go to the next level with FF15 and better themselves from FF13.

FF13 already took the 360 to it's very limits, whilst the PS3 still has (apparently) 2 out of the 5 cells unused, as FF13 only used 3 of those cells. Square said this themselves, FF13 is no where near the full capacity that the PS3 can handle.

The PS3 would be able to handle the graphics and amount of stuff they dream of putting on FF15, but the 360 won't be able to. So, either MS make a new version of the 360, with Blu-ray... or its PS3 exclusive.
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#10chris1001 the sequelPosted 12/21/2009 12:43:01 AM
So far there have been 3 main series FF games every generation. So I'd say it's possible. Especially if this gen goes on for another 3 years like most are predicting.
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