How the hell do you defeat Brynhildr!?!?!

#1MattEllwoodPosted 3/10/2010 4:16:35 PM
I really don't understand, I've tried mostly everything.

What comes under strengthening allies? Bravery and Faith?
I can't get a good chain because it attacks too frequently and powerful.
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I just beat Byrnhilda, what I did was set Sazh and Vanille as Ravagers, then when hp got low, had SAZ spam potions with Doctors code on. Then swapped to WAR and Peace when things got hairy, then swapped back to Dualcast, to build up Byrns chain bar quite easily.
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#4ThestickofdoomPosted 3/10/2010 4:49:42 PM
The names slip my mind, but use your sols before the battle. The ones that give Bravery, Faith, etc., and the ones that give protect, shell, etc.

Use both and you should have no trouble.

Assuming that is Sazh's...
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I did:

Sazh and Vanille both chain --> Sazh chain and Vanille heal --> found out about buffing allies so has Sazh buff and Vanille chain --> switch to heal when needed or both chain when no buffs left to cast

first time no probs for me, hope it helps =)

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Cheers, I completely forgot about those items you can use before battle!
Potions + Doctors code + Dualcasting = win

and yeah sorry about the spoiler..
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u kill him? if not i can post the strat on how to
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I also got my ass handed to me by this guy for a handful of attempts.

Then, after reading the tip here about using some pre-combat -sols it became laughably easy - using only RAV/RAV and using potions to keep health up (no need for medic).