Max level for weapons?

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6 years ago#1
My Gladius is level 12 right now and I thought it only went up to 10. What is the max level?
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6 years ago#2
21 for some weapons and 26 for others, you'll know when it has a star next to it
6 years ago#3
over 9k
6 years ago#4
max level is 30- i just maxed the gladius
GT: Freemclovin
6 years ago#5
gladius 26 then can transmigrate to helter skelter which can get to 61 then can transmigrate to omega which can get to 100. same goes for any other weapon 26 first form 61 second form 100 ultimate form.
6 years ago#6
There are two level-up paths for weapons.



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6 years ago#7
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