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User Info: Ronny_19881

7 years ago#1
...and what chapter does each end on? I'm just wondering. I don't want any story spoilers, I'm at the beginning in the Ice place.
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User Info: Zepheric

7 years ago#2
Disk 1 lasted me between 4 - 6 hours (time taken away for leaving controllers to go make Cheese Toasties)

User Info: crazyguy234

7 years ago#3
chapter 1 - 4 is disc 1 took me 10 hours. but usually its around 8 hours if your a little more speedy. chapter 5 - 9 is disc 2 took me 14 hours, don't kno how long if your super fast. and disc 3 is of course chapter 10 - 13 and i haven't finished yet so who knows how long but its taking forever lol.

User Info: lunareklipse

7 years ago#4
yeah disk 1 took me about 7 hours some time take for pausing for food runs.. Im at 20 hours now and still on disk 2, just started chapter 8. but I also spent a couple hours farming in chapter 5 and at the end of chapter 7.
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User Info: DathRaiden

7 years ago#5
Disc 1 - Around 9-10 hours, Disc 2 - 13 -14 hours, have not finished disc 3 yet but, I'm 40 hours in at chapter 12.
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